Serious California Traffic Accidents May Result in Amputations

Serious California Traffic Accidents May Result in Amputations

Road accidents are the #1 cause of accidental traumatic amputations, with at least 30,000 of these injuries in the U.S. each year. Not all of them come from car accidents - many come from motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents that involve powerful physical forces.

Vehicle accidents are also the top cause of medically-necessary partial amputations, which typically involve the loss of fingers, toes, or a portion of the hand or foot. Any type of amputation involves a long period of recovery and rehabilitation, not to mention costly medical bills.

An Amputation Injury Changes Your Life and Mobility

Amputations in severe accidents occur when an impact suddenly removes a part of the body or so restricts blood flow that it must be detached. In some cases, a skilled surgeon may be able to restore part of the limb. But for many injury victims, the amputation is instant and permanent.

This loss is life-changing and affects everything from your physical health to your emotional outlook. Before the accident, you were having a perfectly normal day. Afterward, you’re thrown into a chaotic, traumatic situation that alters almost everything you experience.

A study by the National Institutes of Health found that the incidence of psychiatric disorders among people with amputations is extremely high. The most common psychiatric diagnoses post-amputation are depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phantom limb phenomenon.

You may also face new struggles in your family and personal life. People with amputations often face psychosocial effects like negative interpersonal interactions, prejudice from others, loss of social bonds, and struggles with dating and spousal relationships.

People with amputations may become unable to continue working the same job and may struggle to regain the mobility required to do physical labor. This limits job options and reduces your lifetime pay, which is sometimes the basis of an injury claim against the person who is liable for your accident and amputation

Seeking Compensation for Your Amputation

In California, there are numerous examples of people who have suffered amputations making successful claims for compensation. Many of these cases involve severe highway accidents at high speeds, including vicious impacts during collisions.

In one case, a motorcyclist won $615,000 after a driver admitted hitting him in oncoming traffic and causing him to suffer injuries including a toe amputation. However, this award only came after a difficult court battle over the amount of his award.

The driver’s attorney initially argued that the motorcyclist’s compensation should have been as low as $350,000 because he was exaggerating his injuries. In court, the driver’s attorney presented evidence that the man had taken vacations and continued to ride his motorcycle.

However, the amount of $615,000 was awarded due to the man’s continual pain and ongoing medical treatment for his amputation. This case reflects the power of having a talented attorney taking a strong stand for you in court to maximize your compensation, even when the other side is trying to erode the value of your award.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, our priority is your wellbeing after a severe traffic accident. We want to see you recover and thrive after your amputation, which is why we will work diligently to protect your right to fair and full compensation.

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