Liability in Driverless Car Accidents

self driving car accidents

Every year, more and more self-driving cars cruise on California’s bustling roads. These vehicles are becoming increasingly commonplace, and more auto manufacturers and tech companies have started investing in self-driving technology. As more self-driving cars are on the road, it’s not surprising that there have been more driverless car accidents in recent years. This raises […]

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Negotiating Car Accident Settlement: How Does it Work?

car accident settlement

Injured people often feel overwhelmed after car accidents. The process of negotiating a car accident settlement seems like too much when you’re simply trying to recover from your injuries. But you deserve a high-value settlement because you have expensive losses like missed days of work, medical bills, and your wrecked car. It’s common to feel […]

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Sideswipe Accident: Who is at Fault?

sideswipe accident

A sideswipe car accident threatens your health, finances, and future. These accidents often result in life-threatening injuries with significant medical bills, so you may need time off work to recover with plenty of support from your loved ones. More than 250,000 sideswipe accidents happen across the U.S. in an average year, with about 370,000 injuries […]

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