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Jes B.

“Los Angeles Bicycle Accident”

I was recently in a bicycle accident in LA and was feeling very shaken up about everything. I called and talked to Carmen and she helped calm my nerves so much! She was patient and knowledgeable and helped me begin to navigate the pretty scary world of personal injury lawsuits. Would highly recommend these ladies if you are in a similar boat (or bicycle)!
Johnson L.

“Pedestrian vs. Auto Accident in Los Angeles at Pico Boulevard and 28th Street”

I had a fairly straightforward personal injury case that I brought to Sally Morin after getting a few quotes from other law firms. Most fees are standard for these types of cases, but I went with Sally Morin because of their client-centered approach. They were professional, timely, friendly, and committed to getting me a fair settlement for my case. They’re obviously experts in these types of cases, so they managed my expectations really well and the processes were incredibly smooth. Rebecca Taylor was my dedicated lawyer and she was just excellent to work with.
Scott B.

“"INCREDIBLY responsive, professional, and great to work with." ”

I worked with Sally and her team a few years back when I had an accident on the 405. They are INCREDIBLY responsive, professional, and great to work with. Getting into an accident can be a physically and emotionally painful experience. SO thankful for people like Sally who care so much about their clients.
Anne B.

“Motorcycle Accident on the 405 Freeway close to Palm Avenue in Los Angeles”

Well I have so much to say about Sally Morin. I was in a motorcycle accident and the other driver was 100% at fault and it changed my life. After reviewing many law firms I chose Sally Morin and from day one I knew I was in good hands. The process gets very stressful and frustrating at time but the entire staff were compassionate and caring from start to finish. They guided me and helped me throughout the process dealing with the insurance companies and just listening to me vent. This accident really messed with me emotionally as well as my physical injuries. Sally and her team were and are absolutely amazing. After a bit of back and forth with the insurance company we finally settled with a number that I was satisfied with. This settlement was solely due to Sally’s patience and amazing negotiating skills.Sally Morin sincerely cares about her clients and she is extremely experienced in this field. If you want a lawyer you can trust, one that keeps in contact with you every step of the way, answers any and all questions, delivers real results then Sally Morin is who you need to call.Thank you Sally and your entire staff for truly making a very difficult and stressful situation manageable. You are all amazing.
Patricia D.

“Excellent service!”

Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers provides excellent service, and makes a bad situation easier to deal with. I highly recommend using their firm (especially the LA location).
Meredith S.

“Scooter Passenger Victim of Hit and Run Accident on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego”

When a friend of mine was injured in a scooter accident, I knew immediately who to refer her to. A few weeks later, my friend sent me a heartfelt email thanking me for the absolutely stellar referral during a really difficult time in her life. While I never hope to have another friend in accident like that, I have comfort in knowing where to send them should they need impeccable care and representation. Sally and her team fight so incredibly hard for every one of their clients. I couldn’t trust Sally more as an attorney, a source of support, and an absolute expert in the field of personal injury law.

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Our clients choose us because they want to fully protect and maximize the value of their traffic accident claim
the added time, stress and cost of going to trial.

The personal injury team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers: Los Angeles only handles serious claims involving broken bones, traumatic brain injury, or injuries requiring surgery.

While our Los Angeles, California location is new, our experienced team has garnered over 150 perfect 5-star reviews for our four locations across California
. And we’re excited to bring this customer-centric approach that has made us so popular in Northern California to our new clients in Los Angeles and greater Southern California.

Looking for the Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney with the BEST Reviews? Don’t Just Look at the Number of Reviews.

Remember, it’s not necessarily the number of customer reviews a Los Angeles personal injury law firm has that makes it better than others. If the number of reviews is too high, that might be an indication that the law firm handles hundreds of cases at a time. This means your case is just one of hundreds that will compete for your lawyer’s attention. So, does this lawyer have 100’s of reviews in just the last year or several months? If so, they must “plow through” cases. If the firm is practicing high-quality, attention-focused personal injury law, it will take them time to build up a high number of client reviews.

Also, it is very important to carefully read LA personal injury attorney reviews and look for comments about things you find important. Our customer reviews almost always mention our caring, customer-focused style of personal injury representation. Our clients are the reason why we do what we do! This shows in their reviews of our services.

Also, you might read how our clients are surprised to find out how much stress was relieved when they hired us. Many of them never even considered having to hire a lawyer before their accident and were so happy to have selected our firm, as the experience was much better than they would have imagined. Our clients also often mention how efficient and quickly we work, how great our communication is and how they felt taken care of every step of the way in their case.

So, when you are looking online to see which Los Angeles personal injury attorney has the best reviews, remember to look closely at the content of the reviews, not just the number of reviews. We welcome you to look at all of our customer reviews
and not just those from our Los Angeles clients. But here are some of our Los Angeles personal injury client reviews…

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