Delivery trucks are all over our roads. Delivery drivers do the difficult job of bringing much-needed goods to California people, but not all of them are responsible drivers.

Here in the Bay Area, there have been catastrophic accidents where a delivery truck caused a cascade of crashes, injuries, and even deaths. Each of these accidents impacts people, who may be left with lifelong health problems.

Here at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we’d like to share our perspective on delivery truck accidents. We see plenty of them and we’ve noticed there are certain common causes involved.

Bad Driving is Often the Culprit in Delivery Truck Crashes

Distracted driving is a constant threat on California’s roads. Any driver who plays with their phone, eats a snack, or even chats too enthusiastically with their passengers could be guilty of distracted driving.

But you’d think delivery drivers are more immune to this problem, right? They’re professional drivers who in many cases had to go through extensive safety training. Many of them have to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before ever hitting the road.

Nope! They’re definitely not immune. Too often, they’re distracted by texting and driving, using digital apps, or updating the company software that tracks the packages they’re delivering. Their eyes are pointed straight down instead of toward the road and their fingers are tapping on their devices, updating delivery statuses.

They may also be extremely fatigued, which is a form of impairment. Despite federal and state laws regulating how long truck drivers can drive and how often they should rest, some delivery drivers don’t play by the rules.

Delivery Trucks Have Huge Blind Spots

These problems are compounded by the fact that big trucks create large blind spots where the driver can’t see what’s going on around them. A truck driver may have 20 to 50 feet of vulnerable blind spots around the vehicle’s perimeter.

If you’re driving a small car and sitting in a trucker’s blind spot, you could be completely invisible. All the training in the world can’t stop them from hitting you if they can’t see you.

We’ve seen back-up and back-over accidents where a delivery driver who’s exiting a driveway or delivery zone hits someone. It could be another vehicle or, in the worst-case scenario, it could be a pedestrian, scooter rider, or bicyclist who’s helplessly crushed under the massive force of the delivery truck.

Don’t Forget Delivery Driver Dooring Accidents

On city streets, we also see a lot of dooring accidents. These happen when a driver flings open their door into traffic, hitting a motorcyclist, bicyclist, scooter user, or even a pedestrian.

Some delivery trucks, like most UPS and FedEx trucks and some postal service trucks, use sliding doors that help prevent this problem. But many delivery trucks still have old-fashioned swinging doors on the driver’s cab or storage compartment, leaving the possibility of dooring.

This is a horrific experience when you’re an innocent person who’s merely riding down the road and BAM! A door appears out of nowhere and slams into you. These incidents often involve cyclists and motorcyclists who are knocked out into the road and receive life-threatening injuries from passing vehicles.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe, and Know Your Rights

Be vigilant when you’re traveling around delivery truck drivers. Even when they’re parked, give them extra space when riding your bike or walking anywhere near them. A delivery truck driver could quickly open their door, back up, or make another unexpected move that puts your safety at risk.

And if a truck driver ever hurts you, take action right away. A delivery truck accident lawyer can help you examine the liability situation, launch an investigation, secure the evidence you need, and demand high-value compensation for your losses. That’s your right under California law!

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