90% Reduction in Medical Bills in Motorcycle Accident Settlement

90% Reduction in Medical Bills in $25,000 Policy Limits Motorcycle Accident Settlement Settlement

A 24-year-old motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in a lane-change accident, when a vehicle slammed side-swiped him at Divisadero and Hayes in San Francisco.

The motorcyclist suffered a fractured wrist and middle finger, requiring the insertion of pins into his finger. He was unable to ride a motorcycle anymore, unable to work, and watching his medical bills pile up. He was overwhelmed trying to communicate with the auto insurance companies and transport himself to and from appointments. He knew he needed help, so he hired Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers.   

Sally and her team faced some challenges in the case, including low insurance policy limits of only $25k, a very large emergency treatment bill, and problems with health insurance coverage.

Your Medical Bills Shouldn't "Eat Up" Your Policy Limits Settlement

The Sally Morin personal injury legal team negotiated the motorcyclist’s medical expenses down significantly to maximize the net settlement the motorcyclist kept in his pocket. Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers secured a 90% reduction for each of his largest medical bills, and even got one bill waived altogether.

Having Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers on You Side Will Make All the Difference

The experienced motorcycle accident legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers obtained a settlement of $25,000 (which was the entirety of the insurance coverage available in the case) for their client, putting over $8,261.13 in the motorcyclist’s pocket, and eliminating his medical financial obligations.

The motorcyclist was able to spend his time and energy recuperating, rather than worrying about money. He was even able to get a new motorcycle after he healed!

Motorcycle Accident Client Review

Mike D.
Motorcycle Accident Client

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"I was in a serious motorcycle accident that was not my fault. It has been a stressful and scary year. But one of the comforts through it all has been the services that Sally Morin provided. While I was focused on my health, she was taking care of everything else."

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Know When to Ask for Legal Guidance for Your California Motorcycle Accident Settlement

When you are wondering whether or not you need a motorcycle accident lawyer or when you might need one, you should consult a qualified personal injury lawyer to learn your rights. Get the legal advice you need to help you navigate the motorcycle accident settlement process and handle the insurance companies to get you a full and fair settlement.

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