The Best Tech Gadgets for Motorcycle Riders

I’m a California motorcycle accident attorney but I’ve also ridden bikes (scooters, street bikes, dirtbikes, etc.) pretty much all my life. I feel the attraction that entices hundreds of thousands of people to ride motorcycles and relish the simplicity of these machines: a motor, two wheels, and a throttle. But the motorcycle (and the culture around it) has continued to evolve with the times and modern riders have embraced new and exciting technology that makes the sport and the lifestyle easier, more enjoyable, and safer for everyone.

Some might argue that the most important piece of gear your need for riding is a good set of leathers but if you can’t stand a day without your cellphone or watch most of your TV via streaming services this list is for you,. Below you’ll find some of the best tech for modern motorcycle riders—true must-have gadgets and gizmos for the open road.

The Best Gadgets

Although I am a strong believer in riders staying fully focused on the road, if you insist on listening to music or making calls to make your commute more bearable, these first two tools are must-have’s for safety.

Headwave’s Tag Helmet Sound System

This simple device straps to the back of nearly any full helmet and uses Bluetooth connectivity to sync with your smart phone. It broadcasts music, turn-by-turn GPS directions, and phone calls by using the hard outer shell as a sort of resonance chamber. No more fiddling with earbuds that don’t stay in or strapping uncomfortable headsets on underneath your helmet. The Headwave Sound System delivers clear, bass-heavy sound easily, wirelessly, and affordably at just over $300.

Satechi Media Buttons

Smartphones have become indispensable but controlling yours while riding can pose a challenge – not to mention it shouldn’t even be done. Taking your eyes off the road (or your hand off the grip) is a good way to end up in a motorcycle accident. In San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, traffic can require you to make split-second decisions that your life depends on. There are a number of Bluetooth devices available on the market (some better than others) but Satechi’s media buttons are some of the simplest. They are what they say they are: wireless “buttons” that control your phone’s music and other functionality. They can be mounted on your handlebars (with the included mounting system) or simply stuck to any flat surface on your bike for ease of use.

Geco Mark II Action Cam

Want to record your ride but don’t cherish the idea of shelling out big bucks for a GoPro or think they are too bulky? The Geco Mark II offers a convenient solution to both problems. This tiny little camera straps to your glasses (or pretty much any other surface) with a Velcro strap and records video at the push of a button. Its low-profile design means it’s nearly unnoticeable and the $200 price tag is a lot more wallet-friendly.

Technology Lets Us Ride Smoother and Ride Safer

Let’s face it, technology has really advanced the way we do everything. Isn’t it about time we let some of that tech savvy change the way we ride? Making long trips or the morning commute more comfortable is great but if a piece of gear can actually help us avoid falling victim to motorcycle accidents in San Francisco is a real game changer. I’ve seen first-hand how devastating these crashes can be—how hard it can be for riders to get back on their feet. If investing a few hundred dollars in tech could help avoid that, it’s definitely worth it. So ride smarter and ride safer but if you do need a team of California motorcycle accident lawyers on your side, We are here to help. Call (415) 413-0033 today or submit your case online.

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