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Do you frequently drive through an intersection that’s a magnet for accidents? Almost every city in California has certain accident-prone areas that are constantly in the news for crashes.

It’s nerve-wracking for a motorcyclist! Any time you pass through one of these dangerous intersections, you’re at risk of severe injury from a crash.

Motorcycle accidents at intersections are a constant problem in California. No matter how many safety laws and ordinances we have, accidents still happen. Watch out for these dangerous intersections in the Los Angeles area and nearby communities.

Alvarado Street at 7th Street

This large LA intersection has double lanes of traffic both ways. There are also numerous stores and restaurants near the intersection, increasing the odds that vehicles will be turning in various directions as they go in and out of the shopping plazas.

Beachwood Drive at Franklin Avenue/US 101

This busy area in Los Angeles brings together north-south traffic on Beachwood Drive with Franklin Avenue near the US 101 ramp. As traffic travels in multiple directions, it’s easy for an accident to happen.

California State Road 2

This major east-west thoroughfare stretches for more than 80 miles and is a common site of high-speed collisions. It’s a very dangerous road for motorcyclists, especially at intersections.

California State Road 78

State Road 78 extends from east to west nearly across the entire state of California. It includes some of the state’s most accident-prone intersections and can be a nightmare for motorcyclists.

California State Road 86

Extending from Mexico to the Coachella Valley, State Road 86 covers a huge amount of territory and connects many rural communities. It often has slow-moving vehicles and trucks turning across the roadway, posing danger for motorcyclists.

Fairfax Avenue at 3rd Street

This busy intersection near Television City in Los Angeles is a dangerous intersection for motorcycles. Drivers are coming in and out of a nearby grocery plaza, plus there are gas stations, fast food restaurants, and many other businesses nearby that create congestion.

42nd Street at Telegraph Avenue

This is often highlighted as one of the most dangerous intersections in Oakland. It’s near an on-ramp for the Grove Shafter Freeway, which also joins with Interstate 580 within a mile of the intersection, so there’s a huge amount of traffic traveling through a tight spot here.

Hollywood Boulevard at Highland Avenue

Just south of Hollywood Heights, this busy intersection is near the famous Hollywood Wax Museum and sees heavy traffic from tourists and travelers. For a motorcyclist, this is a dangerous area with lots of traffic congestion and hazards from moving pedestrians.

Interstate 5

This is one of the most dangerous roads in California and at times, has seen nearly one fatal accident per mile. It’s nearly 800 miles long and its entire length is a dangerous place for motorcyclists.

Interstate 8

Interstate 8 is the main highway that stretches about 170 miles from San Diego to Costa Grande. Although you’ll frequently see motorcyclists taking this drive, it’s always a risky thing to do because of the interstate’s high rate of accidents.

Interstate 15

Anyone who travels from Las Vegas to San Bernardino has probably taken Interstate 15, which is about 180 miles long. A news story called it the Highway to Hell due to its extremely high rate of traffic deaths.

Russell Boulevard at College Avenue

You might think of Berkeley as a quiet, laid-back area, but it has plenty of severe traffic accidents. One of Berkeley’s busiest and most dangerous intersections for motorcycles is found at Russell Boulevard and College Avenue.

Pacific Avenue at Mendocino Avenue

Perhaps the most dangerous intersection in Santa Rosa is where busy Pacific Avenue crosses over Mendocino Avenue. One of the things that makes this area so dangerous is a steady stream of traffic headed for a nearby on-ramp to US 101.

Santa Monica Boulevard at Colby Avenue

Every inch of this Los Angeles intersection is packed wall-to-wall with stores and shops, which makes it a very congested spot for traffic. Motorcyclists should also look out for pedestrians and bicyclists who are sharing the roads.

Western Avenue at Slauson Avenue

Between US 101 and the LAX, Western Avenue and Slauson Avenue sit at a heavily-traveled crossroads. On top of multiple lanes of vehicle travel, there are also bus stops and railroad lines that make this a confusing area for anyone who travels through it.

Union Avenue at 6th Street

This is not only a busy LA intersection but also one of its narrowest, with skinny 6th street creating an ever-present risk of traffic jams and sideswipes.

US 101

Finally, there’s US 101, which stretches the entire length from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It has a reputation as one of the state’s most accident-prone roads and frequently makes lists of the most dangerous roads in America.

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