A 50 year-old nurse’s assistant was crossing the street in Daly City in a marked crosswalk with her 12 year-old son. A commuter van made a left turn and hit the pedestrian when she was legally in the crosswalk in broad daylight.

Apparently, the driver did not see the woman and her son, and therefore made a quick left turn right into the woman. The woman was thrown onto the van’s hood, and then flung to the ground. The driver of the van kept driving until he heard the pedestrian’s son screaming at him to stop.

The pedestrian suffered damage to her teeth (one lost, two chipped and six loosened) which required extraction and surgical implants, a sprained ankle (with ligament damage), and various contusions and abrasions.

Plaintiff sought ambulance, ER, orthopedic, neurological, podiatric, pain management and chiropractic treatment to resolve her injuries. She sought $27,000 in past medical costs, $13,000 in past loss of earnings, and $24,000 in future medical costs and loss of earnings.

The expert pedestrian accident attorneys at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers' San Francisco personal injury law firm worked hard to negotiate a good settlement for her client prior to filing a lawsuit, but her demand of $427,500.00 was met with only an offer of $81,257.00. Therefore, she filed suit to get a fair result for her client. After filing suit, engaging in litigation and taking the case to mediation, the parties agreed to a settlement of $235,000.00, which the pedestrian was very pleased to receive, so that she could move on with her life and move past her pedestrian accident.

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