General Damages in a Personal Injury Case

Pain and Suffering? Emotional distress? Inconvenience and annoyance? Those are all what we call "general damages."

Today, I'm going to elaborate on GENERAL DAMAGES.

General Damages are more esoteric than Special Damages. These are not hard and fast numbers.This is the amount of money you can recover for the inconvenience to your normal life, like the suffering, emotional strain, physical pain, and loss of enjoyment of life caused by the accident and your injuries. This would include your inability to function normally in your social life, family life and in your normal hobbies and activities that you did before the accident.

The amount of general damages one can recover really depends on the particular facts of their case. For instance, someone who breaks their hand in an accident will suffer more general damages if that person’s favorite hobby is playing the piano than if his or her favorite hobby is watching movies. Similarly, if someone recovers from their minor injury in a matter of weeks, they will receive less general damages than someone who genuinely suffers from serious injuries for months.

To find out more about what general damages in a particular case may be worth, you should contact a personal injury attorney.

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