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$4.25 Million Settlement in Scooter vs. Taxi Accident

A young married couple riding together on their scooter suffered horrific injuries when a taxicab struck them at an intersection in San Francisco. The collision happened at 16th Street and Harrison Street when the couple was headed out for morning brunch.

As they rode their Vespa scooter through the intersection with the right of way, a distracted taxi driver made a left turn directly in front of them. They had no chance to avoid the collision and made a hard impact with the cab, throwing them from the scooter onto the pavement.

The Aftermath of a Devastating Scooter vs. Taxi Accident

Both scooter riders were severely injured in the accident and went straight to San Francisco General Hospital by ambulance. The young woman suffered catastrophic injuries to her pelvis, hips, and legs, which required numerous surgeries. Her husband had multiple broken bones and joint dislocations.

The couple’s hospital bills began to pile up until the young woman’s medical expenses alone exceeded one million dollars. Given their monstrous medical bills and the long road to recovery ahead, they knew they needed help.

They reached out to the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. The husband called our office while his wife was having one of her many difficult surgeries.

Although the couple felt a bit uncomfortable starting an accident case while one of them was still in the hospital, they knew they needed immediate legal assistance. Smart choice! Sally Morin herself went straight to the wife’s bedside to provide reassurance and get things rolling.

Our Legal Team Builds a Case and Demands Compensation

After our team took on the case, we went to work investigating the circumstances of the accident and what kind of action could be taken against the taxi driver’s employer, Yellow Cab. Here in California, Yellow Cab has a long history of trying to avoid responsibility when taxi drivers cause accidents.

The team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers also has a long history of victories against shady cab companies! We know how to use legal procedures and strategies to place the blame where it belongs.

This time, Yellow Cab used a new trick they hadn’t tried before. Facing numerous expensive injury lawsuits and employment actions, they abruptly filed for bankruptcy. This pulled the scooter accident case out of the civil court system and into bankruptcy court.

We told our clients not to worry, though. Our legal team has seen and survived all kinds of slippery strategies from California cab companies. Although this would be an uphill battle, it was certainly one worth fighting.

Building the Case Value to a Full $4.25 Million

As we continued working to demand the compensation our clients deserved, the couple’s pile of medical bills also continued to grow. We made sure to include the additional value of the many future reconstructive surgeries the wife would still endure.

After several more months of vigorous advocating on our clients’ behalf, we came to a resolution with the court. Our team negotiated a full settlement number of $4.25 million.

Despite Yellow Cab trying to totally avoid responsibility by filing for bankruptcy, the young couple was relieved to have resolved this case with such fierce and relentless attorneys on their side. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we were so proud to help such a deserving couple get the compensation they desperately needed!

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So, I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident that was clearly not my fault. Long story short, after months of dealing with multiple insurance companies and various law firms, we finally settled for an amount much larger than I would have ever dreamed. I attribute the success completely to Sally and her office. The process went smooth and relatively quickly (personal injury suits can take a long time), and she was extremely responsive and proactive. I’ve grown to really respect Sally and what she does after admittedly being skeptical of lawyers in general. Sally really cares about coming to a reasonable and beneficial result for her clients and not just for herself!

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