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$475,000 Slip and Fall Settlement for Nurse Who Survives Terrifying Fall

A Bay Area nurse practitioner suffered serious bodily injuries when he fell over a dangerously low ledge in the entryway of his San Francisco apartment. With no handrail to grab, he tumbled into the pavement below.

Here’s the story of this devoted healthcare worker and community volunteer who was severely injured in a preventable fall. He came to Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers after experiencing extreme injury and emotional trauma.

How a Dangerous Area Led to a Horrific Fall

One evening, as the nurse practitioner returned to his rented San Francisco apartment, he stumbled in his entryway and found no handrail to grab for support. He fell over a dangerously low guardrail and landed on the sidewalk pavement, hitting the ground a full story below his apartment entryway area.

He suffered instant fractures to his hips and pelvis. Alone and unable to move, he laid on the pavement for almost an hour suffering in extreme pain.

Finally, two passing pedestrians found him and called for help. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and underwent emergency surgery on his pelvis.

The Aftermath of a Traumatic Slip and Fall Accident

Given the extent of the man’s injuries, he was out of work for several months. He could no longer do almost anything he used to, including helping the Bay Area community’s most vulnerable people.

In addition to his work as a nurse practitioner, this good-hearted healthcare worker was also a community volunteer. He had a passion for helping others and assisted local unhoused people and farm workers with gaining access to healthcare.

Sadly, after his fall, his passion for helping others was stifled. He was stuck inside his apartment for months trying to heal from his fall. Meanwhile, his medical bills began piling up.

He had no idea what to do or where to turn, or if there was any recourse he could take. He finally contacted Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers to find out if he had an avenue for recovering compensation for his costly medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Overcoming Challenges in a Complex Case

The team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers faced some significant challenges in this case. First of all, there was no police report like there typically is in other cases, like a car accident or dog bite. There were also no eyewitnesses to the fall.

Without any other evidence aside from the injured man’s own testimony, it was difficult to prove how the accident happened. However, the legal team fought hard to get an insurance carrier to take the claim seriously.

We hired a building expert to provide insight into the dangerous condition of the apartment building. We also investigated the history of the property and the landlord’s record, which revealed some interesting details that bolstered our case.

We also did everything we could do to assess the full extent of our client’s injuries and treatment, despite the relatively low cost of his medical expenses. We didn’t want his extreme suffering to be undervalued with a lowball offer.

Another important step was carefully valuing the man’s loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity, plus his significant pain and suffering. He had permanent injuries and scarring as a result of his fall, all of which deserved proper valuation.

In the end, we took the case to mediation and secured a high-dollar settlement. The total dollar amount of our injured client’s settlement was $475,000 – much more than it would have been without the help of a talented lawyer!

He ended up with $250,00 in his pocket after his medical expenses, which he planned to invest so he could protect his future. Finally, he could find some solace from his stress and begin to move forward from the trauma of his fall.

We Can Maximize the Value of Your Slip and Fall Case

We have many ways to help you seek compensation and maximize the value of your case. We can stand up to an insurance company or a difficult landlord and remind them of your rights under the law.

Did you know we can also negotiate with your healthcare providers to lower the overall amount due on your medical bills? Plus, we can hire experts, gain access to video footage, and dig up public records that support your case. These techniques can boost your settlement substantially and increase what you put in your pocket.

After the trauma of a slip and fall injury, you need one of California’s best personal injury lawyers. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we help protect the rights of injured people and assertively demand the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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