What is the Safety Stop Bill AB 122?


What is the Safety Stop Bill AB 122? Have you heard about California’s proposed safety stop bill? California AB 122 would legalize the safety stop, which is already legal for bicyclists in many other states. If the bill passes, it will impact all California road users – not just cyclists! Here’s what you need to […]

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Cyclist Hit By a Car? These 10 California Bike Laws Protect You!


For a cyclist, being hit by a car is an absolute nightmare. But here’s a bit of good news. A California bicycle injury attorney can help you put the state’s bike laws to work for you. California has some of the most progressive and protective bicycle-related laws in the nation. When a car hits you, […]

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Bicycle and Pedestrian-Friendly Laws in California


For cyclists and pedestrians, a traffic crash is devastating. Your body is no match for the force of a car or truck, and a severe accident can leave you with extensive injuries and emotional trauma that changes the course of your life.  In almost every bicycle or pedestrian accident with serious injuries, someone was in […]

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