$420K Settlement for Bicycle vs. Bicycle Accident in San Francisco

$420,000 SETTLEMENT FOR Bicycle vs. Bicycle Accident in San Francisco

A 38-year-old creative producer and avid bicyclist was on her way to work in San Francisco, California, commuting alongside several other cyclists as she did every morning for the last 18 years. She had just passed the intersection of Mission and 8th Streets when another cyclists’ unsecured bungee cord wrapped around the young professional’s handlebars, launching her off her bicycle.

The woman suffered multiple fractures to her elbow and arm and sustained a large laceration to her forehead when she struck the ground. She was rushed to the emergency room, and subsequently underwent surgery during which several plates and screws were inserted to re-align her shattered bones.

After sustaining such a serious injury, the creative producer was unable to work, and was overwhelmed by all of the paperwork. She was also unsure if she had an insurance claim, or how to navigate one, since the at-fault individual was also riding a bicycle. She knew she needed help, so she hired the San Francisco bicycle accident team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers.

Rebecca Taylor was the lead attorney on the bicyclist’s case. The moment she was assigned the case, she hit the ground running to maximize the value of the claim. The first challenge that Rebecca and her team faced was determining what insurance coverage would be available to make a claim under. Because the at-fault person was also riding a bicycle, typical auto insurance coverage did not apply. While the cyclist client had Uninsured Motorist coverage through her own auto insurance, the policy limit was low. The Sally Morin Law team stepped in and did some digging. They found that the at-fault bicyclist had a homeowner insurance policy with medical coverage, and they pursued their client’s claim through that policy. They carefully documented her loss of earnings and pain and suffering, to maximize her case value and increase her settlement. They alleviated the creative producer’s stress and allowed her to focus solely on her healing.

The experienced bicycle accident legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers obtained a settlement $420,000 for the creative producer, putting over $230,000 in her pocket after all of her medical expenses were paid. The creative producer was delighted to move past the accident, with no medical debt and plenty of money in savings!

Kristin R.

I strongly recommend working with Rebecca Taylor and Sally Morin Law! I was hit by a vehicle this past summer while riding my bike to work, where my leg and ankle were badly broken. I had to undergo surgery where a plate and multiple screws were put into my leg. As a runner, I knew I was in for a difficult year ahead, but Rebecca was by far the best lawyer I could have asked for during that time. She handled my case with compassion, professionalism, attention to detail and most of all provided me with assurance that she was taking care of the painstaking details, so that I could focus on my recovery.

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