What Happens if Your Child is Hurt in a Traffic Accident?

What Happens if Your Child is Hurt in a Traffic Accident?

For U.S. children between ages 5 and 19, a car accident is the most common cause of death. It’s such a terrifying thought, we try not to think about as we zip around the roads with our kids. But the danger is always there.

There’s nothing a parent can do to prevent a severe auto accident that’s caused by another driver. All it takes is one act of negligence, one drunk driver, or one person who’s too interested in a cell phone to keep her eyes on the road. And BAM - your and your child’s lives are changed forever.

Know the Facts about Kids and California Car Crashes

While some car crash injuries are unavoidable, a surprising number of them are at least partially preventable. As examples, seatbelt use, drunk driving, distracted driving, and improper installation of car seats can all play a role in whether a child is severely injured or killed in an accident.

A CDC accident study found that of all children who died in car crashes, 35% were not wearing a seat belt at the moment of impact.

Child fatalities in auto accidents rise on the weekends. More children are killed in crashes on Saturdays than any other day, followed by Fridays and Sundays.

In California, auto accidents are not only the leading cause of death for children but also people up to age 24.

While California’s teen driver fatality rate is dropping, its overall death rate for teens in motor vehicle accidents is on the rise. Teen passengers die at higher rates than teen drivers.

Some California children die because they were unlawfully operating a motorcycle or not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Infants under age 1 are at the greatest risk of head injuries, chest injuries, and rib fractures due to lack of car seats and improperly installed car seats.

Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Children

Head injuries are the most common car crash injuries in children. Kids can receive a wide range of accident-related injuries depending on their age, body size, where they were sitting, and what they were doing at the moment of impact. Common injuries include:

  • Head contusions and lacerations
  • Skull fractures
  • Facial cuts and crushing
  • Dental damage
  • Whiplash
  • Thoracic injuries
  • Broken ribs and rib cage damage
  • Arm and hand injuries

Children may also suffer specific crash-related wounds depending on what took place during the accident. Your child may have:

  • Crushing injuries, including organ damage
  • Cuts from broken glass that need surgical removal
  • The loss of a limb
  • Injuries caused by seat belts and car seats
  • Secondary infections
  • Psychological and emotional damage

Never underestimate the mental impact of a car accident on your child. Car accidents have become the #1 cause of post-traumatic stress disorder in U.S. adults, so it’s easy to see how a child could suffer enduring psychological stress.

After an Accident, Take Action to Protect Your Child

Immediately after a car accident, call 911 to report any injuries including those to your child. Accept emergency medical attention because declining it could not only harm your child’s health, but could also prevent you from receiving much-needed compensation afterward.

Talk to a qualified California auto accident attorney who has experience with car crashes where children have been injured. Even if the accident is partially your fault, you can seek the resources you need to help your child heal.

Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers has helped families with injured children obtain compensation after devastating car accidents for over 20 years. Here are two examples that show the power of having a bold lawyer who will fight for what you deserve.

Oakland, CA Infant Car Accident Case - A mother was taking her newborn infant to his first doctor’s appointment when an oncoming motorist turned suddenly into her right of way and caused a major accident. The baby suffered a broken collarbone and needed immediate emergency treatment. After an insurance company made a minimal offer, Sally Morin Law demanded and received $30,000 for this family.
Foster City, CA Child Bicyclist Case - A 5-year-old riding his bike on the sidewalk was struck by a driver making a fast turn in a school zone. Frustrated by medical bills and being blamed for the accident, the boy’s family turned to Sally Morin Law for help holding the driver accountable. We secured $51,000 for the child and an additional $7,500 for the mother’s trauma at seeing such a horrific accident.

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