$51K SETTLEMENT – San Francisco Bicycle Accident

A San Francisco product designer was riding his bicycle to work on his early morning commute in the congested San Francisco SOMA area near the 8th Street roundabout. As he was riding past an empty parking space (a rare commodity in San Francisco) a motorist looking to score the open spot made a sudden turn, slamming into the cyclist’s body and bicycle. Upon impact, the designer was launched from his bicycle, up and over the hood of the motorist’s vehicle and onto the pavement.

Having just started his new job, and his adrenaline running, the bicyclist was in shock, so he picked himself up and walked the remaining blocks to his office. After a few hours though the pain in his hands and wrists became unbearable. At the urgent care facility, x-rays were taken of both arms. Sadly, doctors diagnosed the designer with fractures to both wrists. Both wrists were splinted, and he was sent home. Unfortunately, the bicyclist was unable to get into his apartment without assistance from a friendly neighbor as applying pressure to his hands and wrists was impossible. Realizing he would be unable to care for himself without the use of either hand, the designer booked an emergency flight home to be with his mother as he recovered.

Fast forward almost two years later, and the bicyclist found himself unable to reach a settlement with the insurance company on his own. Concerned by the two-year statute of limitations in personal injury cases quickly approaching, the designer contacted the experienced bicycle accident attorneys at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. The team acted fast, drafting and filing a complaint in the San Francisco Superior Court to preserve the statute of limitations within only a few short weeks.


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Since the designer was already done with his formal treatment, Sally Morin and her team began drafting his demand right away. The designer’s pain and suffering was the focal point. During his recovery, both wrists were either splinted or casted for several months. Without the use of either hand, the young man’s life was completely up-ended –professionally, socially, physically and mentally. The Sally Morin team worked diligently to paint a picture for the insurance company that would be impossible to ignore – a 27-year-old professional with both arms splinted, unable to play the guitar or piano, cook, or use his phone to message friends and family.

Through several rounds of negotiation, Sally Morin settled the claim for an amount that net the designer over $30,000 –more than half of the total settlement and MUCH more than the cyclist was going to get before hiring this team of personal injury attorneys. With the help of the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, the designer was finally able to put the accident behind him with a nice chunk of change in his pocket.

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