$110k for San Francisco Road Construction Bicycle Accident

A road construction bicycle accident is a common San Francisco occurrence

On a clear morning in San Francisco, an active and fit tech engineer was riding his bike to work, as he normally did everyday. At the time of the accident, the engineer used his bicycle as his primary vehicle to commute to and from work. On the morning of his road construction bicycle accident, the cyclist rode down 17th Street at approximately fifteen to twenty miles an hour as he had done many times before. Though he rode this same route for over two years, including the days leading up to the accident, he did not see any signs posted on the road indicating uneven pavement or road construction. He also did not see any such signs the morning of the accident.

The engineer was peacefully riding his bicycle and proceeding down 17th Street, when he unavoidably hit a large trench that went all the way across the 17th Street due to road construction in the area. After his bike’s front tire hit this trench, he lost control and slammed into the pavement. He fell and slid ten feet from the bike and lost consciousness. Fortunately, a witness driving behind the cyclist witnessed the entire accident. She couldn’t believe what she had seen. When the cyclist regained consciousness, he was surrounded by onlookers. The witness, and Good Samaritan, offered him water, and then took him to the Kaiser emergency room for immediately treatment of his road construction bicycle accident injuries.

Sadly, as a result of the construction companies' carelessness in repaving the trench on 17th Street at Mars, the cyclist suffered a broken left clavicle and three broken ribs. The break of the clavicle was so severe he needed surgery to repair it and several months of rehabilitative treatment.

When the cyclist sought a San Francisco injury attorney who focuses on bicycle accidents in the City. This brought him to Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers – over a month after the accident. Despite the uncertainty of whether there was a viable avenue of recovery for the incident, and with minimal evidence surrounding the facts of the accident, Sally Morin took on the case in hopes of helping out the cyclist and finding him coverage for his medical expenses and lost wages.


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Sally and her team of focused San Francisco personal injury lawyers worked hard to track down the company that was ultimately responsible for the negligent trench. In order to do so, Sally went up against three large companies, once of which was Pacific Gas and Electric. All companies had several attorneys working on the case and going to bat for them. However, that did not stop Sally and her team from fighting for her client and getting him a solid bicycle accident settlement

After two years of litigation, including several depositions, written discovery, and fact gathering, Sally was able to settle with the construction company responsible for the trench for $110,000.00. Despite the barriers and endless resources that the large companies had, Sally Morin and her team made sure to fight vigorously for her client. David definitely prevailed over Goliath in this case!

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