$4.25 Million Settlement in Scooter vs. Taxi Accident

scooter taxi accident settlement

A young married couple riding together on their scooter suffered horrific injuries when a taxicab struck them at an intersection in San Francisco. The collision happened at 16th Street and Harrison Street when the couple was headed out for morning brunch. As they rode their Vespa scooter through the intersection with the right of way, […]

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$1 Million Medical Bill Reduction in Scooter Settlement

1,000,000 medical bill reduction

An active 55-year-old San Francisco software developer was riding his Vespa scooter on a beautiful late summer evening. As he traveled at a safe speed with a clear path in front of him, a negligent driver suddenly hit him. He was knocked from his scooter and slammed hard into the pavement, going into semi-consciousness with […]

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How AB 371 is Affecting Bikes and Scooters in California


California has a global reputation as a bike-friendly and scooter-friendly state. Our legislators have enacted dozens of new laws protecting cyclists and scooter riders. For example, we have the Safe Passing Law that requires motorists to give cyclists three feet of passing space. We also have multiple laws that support cyclists’ and scooter users’ rights […]

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$200,000 Settlement for E-Scooter vs. Commercial Vehicle Accident


When someone riding an e-scooter collides with a huge commercial vehicle, the result is a horrific crash. These accidents happen more often than you might think on California’s busy streets. Here’s a real story about a client at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers who was hit while riding his e-scooter right here in San Francisco. […]

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How Can You Prove Fault in a Scooter Accident?


How do you prove liability in a scooter accident? It’s tricky to establish exactly what happened, especially when the other person is trying to shrug off the blame. Sure, nobody wants to be at fault for a scooter accident. But it’s very important to establish clear liability. As an injured person, the burden is on […]

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What if I’m Injured by a Motorcycle or Another Scooter While Riding a Scooter?

What happens if you’re on a scooter and you’re injured by someone else on a scooter? These accidents are becoming more common due to the popularity of scooters in coastal California. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve seen many types of scooter-vs.-scooter accidents and scooter-vs-motorcycle accidents. Some are quite severe and cause life-altering physical […]

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What Steps Should I Take After I’ve Been Injured While Riding My Scooter?


Scooter accidents have risen sharply in the past few years. Scooters are so popular in California, the team here at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers is seeing a constant need for scooter-related legal assistance. These are the kinds of questions swirling through our clients’ minds as we help them with their scooter cases. We’d like […]

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What Happens if a Scooter Injures a Pedestrian?


What if you were just walking down the sidewalk and a scooter came along and hit you? It happens more often than you might think in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other cities in the Bay Area. Despite its small size, a scooter can cause severe injuries. And a pedestrian is extremely vulnerable to a […]

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What Should I Do if I’m Injured By a Commercial Truck While Riding My Scooter?


What Should I Do if I’m Injured By a Commercial Truck While Riding My Scooter? It’s one of the worst accidents that can happen on California’s streets: a scooter rider is hit by a big truck. An accident like this can cause severe injuries, permanent disabilities, or even death. Motorcyclists and scooter users are always […]

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Which Traffic Laws Should Drivers Know About Scooters in California?


Which Traffic Laws Should Drivers Know About Scooters in California? California has lots of scooters, lots of vehicle traffic, and lots of confusion about how everyone should share the road. If you’re confused about California scooter laws, you’re not alone! As California scooter accident lawyers, we’ve seen many catastrophic crashes that result from scooter users […]

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