$212,000 SETTLEMENT FOR Motorcycle vs. Auto Accident

$212,000 SETTLEMENT FOR Motorcycle vs. Auto Accident

A 40-year-old program director and athlete suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle vs. automobile accident at the intersection of Broadway and Embarcadero Streets in San Francisco, California.

The program director suffered two open ulnar fractures and an open radial shaft fracture in his left arm, which required a metal plate and bone screws to repair. He also had a long thick, zipper-like scar, and many thick, discolored scar lines on his forearm. He was having difficulty with his health insurance, which was not communicating properly with his medical care providers. His health insurance never paid on his largest medical bill, which left him in a vast amount of debt. He was overwhelmed by all the paperwork and the auto insurance process. He needed to focus on healing, and he knew he needed help, so he hired Sally Morin Law.  

Sally and her team faced some challenges in the case, including the huge unpaid emergency bill. They pushed until the provider waived the bill, and negotiated down his health insurance lien. They carefully documented the program director’s pain and suffering and loss of earnings, to maximize the case value and increase the settlement. The team alleviated the program director’s stress and allowed him client to focus on his life.

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"Sally was easily reachable, very forthcoming about her experience with cases like mine, and very flexible with her schedule. She made a house call to get the case started and explained the contract point-by-point before we moved forward. She worked hard to build the best case for me and in the end the outcome was exactly what we expected. I always felt at the top of her list regardless of how many clients she had and was very responsive to all of my calls and emails. I would recommend Sally to anyone who needs an advocate in their corner, regardless of their own experience with serious events like this."

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The experienced motorcycle accident legal team at Sally Morin Law obtained a settlement of $212,000 for the program director, putting over $123,000 in his pocket after his medical expenses were paid. The program director was elated: he walked away with enough money for hardware removal, if necessary, and a healthy savings account!

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