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$525,000 California Car Accident Settlement

A 34-year-old Bay Area woman suffered serious injuries in a high-speed rear-end car accident, that left her pinned in the backseat of a van at East Leland Road and Harbor Street in Pittsburg, California. She was lucky to be alive, but she suffered severe damage to her legs, requiring surgeries and skin grafting. She spent weeks in a rehabilitation facility, learning to walk again. As her medical bills reached nearly $1 million, and the paperwork became overwhelming, her family knew they needed help, so they hired Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers.

Multiple Parties Means Less Money for You

Multiple people were injured in the accident, and there was only a limited amount of insurance money available, which needed to be split among the parties. When this happens, all injured parties must submit their claims and can only receive their pro rata share of the insurance proceeds. In this particular case, that meant building the case with medical experts and proceeding to a formal mediation with all involved parties to come to a fair resolution.

So, even though this woman’s claim was likely worth a few million dollars, her recovery was limited to her pro rata portion of the $1,000,000 insurance policy held by the responsible driver. The Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers Personal Injury Lawyer team took on this challenge and obtained a majority of the money for this client’s California car accident settlement, despite the other claims in the case.

Don’t Let Medical Bills Consume Your Injury Settlement

You probably know that when you are in a personal injury accident you have to pay your medical providers back for any services they rendered. But, did you know that you also have to pay your health insurance company back for any medical services they paid for? Your insurance company considers the at-fault party responsible for your bills, so instead of collecting their money directly from the at-fault party, they take it out of your settlement.

The Sally Morin car accident legal team organized the woman’s medical bills, and negotiated steep reductions of the balances she owed. That way, only a fraction of the medical costs were deducted from her negotiated car accident settlement and she was allowed to keep most of the money.

Don’t Let a Personal Injury Settlement Disqualify You from Your State Benefits

Prior to the accident, this young woman was receiving State of California benefits. Such benefits can be based upon financial need, which means you can only receive them if you have little to no money in your bank account. So, a $500k+ settlement may seem like a good thing, but it also threatened this woman’s benefits, which she badly needed. (Note that this $500k settlement was NOT to pay for this woman’s future basic needs like food, shelter and living… it was meant to compensate her for her past injuries and suffering. So, she should not be penalized by a stripping of her benefits.)

The Sally Morin legal team therefore worked with the woman’s family to set up a trust to protect the woman’s money from her California car accident settlement and allow her to retain her benefits.

Having the Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers Team on You Side Will Make All the Difference

The experienced California car accident settlement team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers obtained a settlement of $525,000 for their client, putting over $321,192 in her pocket after her medical expenses were settled. Now their client is healed, and living her life to the fullest. She and her family are happy to know she is financially secure after such an ordeal, and they’re looking forward to the future again!

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