Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car

A Pedestrian Injury is Not the Ideal San Francisco Fourth of July Holiday

A California woman was visiting San Francisco on Fourth of July weekend to celebrate the holiday. One of the evenings she was visiting, she walked to buy a pizza and bring it back to her hotel room. When she was lawfully crossing the street in a marked crosswalk at an intersection in downtown San Francisco, a car failed to yield, and crashed into her. The impact caused the woman to be launched into the air and land in the middle of the city street.

The San Francisco Fire Department responded to the scene of the accident to provide emergency assistance to the woman. Thereafter, the ambulance transported her to San Francisco General Hospital for emergency medical treatment. Upon admission to the emergency department, doctors diagnosed her with left tibial plateau fractures and a left fibula fracture. Needless to say, the rest of her San Francisco vacation was not spent celebrating Independence Day. She made her way back home so she could be seen at her local hospital closer to home and family.

Unfortunately, the woman ended up needing surgery on her knee in order to repair the damage from the accident. This took an enormous toll on her physical and emotional well-being, and put a halt to many other aspects of her life, like sports and traveling.

You Want an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Advocate While You Focus on Your Physical Recovery

When the woman sought out Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers for help with her pedestrian accident case, she was distressed from the pain she was in and the stress associated with the personal injury process. As a tourist injured while away from home, she did not know what to do or where to turn. However, after we brought her on board as a client, we were immediately able to minimize her stress associated with the accident so that she could solely focus on her recovery, mentally and physically.

It was a long road to recovery, and took her almost two years to heal from the injury to her leg. Despite the orthopedic and physical therapy treatment that she had received, she continued to be in pain, and there was a good chance that she was going to need another surgery in the future on her leg. Thus, when we entered settlement negotiations with the insurance carrier, we made sure they understood that any settlement would have to include compensation for the possible future surgery (in case it was needed) as well as future pain and suffering.

Never Accept the Insurance Carrier’s First Offer

The first offer from the insurance carrier was not enough to compensate our client for her past losses and future losses. Sally and her pedestrian accident team therefore continued to fiercely negotiate back and forth with the insurance carrier, standing firm that our client would need adequate compensation for her future losses. The resistance worked, as the case ended up settling for $318,000. This was more than enough to cover our client’s past medical bills, potential future surgical costs and left her with six figures in her pocket for pain and suffering damages that she suffered as a result of the accident.

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