What insurance will cover me if I’m in a pedestrian or bike accident?

As a San Francisco bicycle and pedestrian accident attorney, I represent a lot of cyclists and pedestrians who have various types of insurance coverage, and each type of coverage may or may not come into play in a personal injury case. Keep in mind that all insurance policies vary and you need to look at the specific language of the policy to know what is and is not covered, but here are some basics of insurance coverage in bike and pedestrian accident cases.

Insurance that may cover you in a bicycle or pedestrian accident:

I have never had a client who carried specific bicycle insurance, although I do believe there is such a thing, but I have seen my clients have various insurance policies that provide coverage for their bodily injury and damage to their bike caused by a third party in an auto vs. bike or pedestrian case.

For bodily injury in a bike accident or pedestrian accident:

Many of my clients drive cars as well as ride bikes (in fact the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition reports that a large percentage all San Francisco cyclists are also drivers), and of course we are all pedestrians in the City. So, if you carry automobile insurance and are involved in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, you will want to look at your policy to see what is covered. If you carry Medical Payments coverage on your auto insurance, it may cover you for out-of-pocket medical expenses as they are incurred if you are struck by a car while bicycling or walking. Again, this is not guaranteed, so you will want to read the specific coverage language (or better yet, have a qualified and experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney review it) in your policy documents.

The same goes for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If you are hit on your bike or while walking by an uninsured or underinsured driver, your own auto policy might cover you. Here's an example of a bicycle accident case where our client went from getting $15,000 to $50,000 for their case by using their underinsured motorist insurance.

Cyclist Covered by His Auto Insurance

I was hit by a van while riding my bike on a charity ride. It was a terrible crash and could have easily been fatal but I was lucky to only suffer a broken ankle. I was not even aware my auto insurance covered me on my bike. In the end I got the most I could have hoped for given the insurance limits and my expenses were significantly reduced. I highly recommend Sally.

Bill B.

If you have health insurance, it will usually pay for any injuries you suffer while cycling or walking. Of course, as I discuss at length in my other personal help pages, your health insurance company will want their money back if you pursue a personal injury case against the third party driver.

For your bike (or other personal property) in a traffic accident:

Renter's or homeowner's insurance may cover your personal property (your bicycle, helmet, clothing, phone, sunglasses, computer and other gear) that is damaged or destroyed in a traffic accident, or even if it is stolen. Similarly, your auto insurance may cover your property damage in a personal injury case.

If you or someone you care about has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident or pedestrian accident, contact our team of experienced traffic accidents specialists at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers for FREE case evaluation online now.

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