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Compensation for a Fractured Femur After a Motorcycle Accident in California

We see many common motorcycle accident injuries in clients filing personal injury claims. However, one specific type of injury that often results from motorcycle accidents that can be severe and incredibly painful is a fractured femur.

If you’re injured in a San Francisco motorcycle accident and need help filing your personal injury claim, the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers can help. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the claims process while dealing with an injury and are dedicated to helping our clients resolve their cases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Is a Fractured Femur?

A fractured femur is a type of leg injury that often occurs in motorcycle accidents. Specifically, a fractured femur is a broken thighbone, and it is considered one of the most serious and painful leg injuries a person can endure.

The femur is the leg bone between your hip and your knee, and it is the strongest bone in the body. So if the femur is broken, it is usually the result of a very serious accident. It takes a lot of force to break a femur, and when this injury does occur, it can be excruciatingly painful.

People that suffer a fractured femur will need emergency medical treatment—usually surgery—and they will likely be unable to walk for months until the injury heals. And even after the injury has healed, they will need to endure many more months of physical therapy until they can walk normally again.

Types of Fractured Femur Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

High-impact crashes like motorcycle accidents are notorious for causing severe debilitating injuries like a fractured femur. Not only are motorcycle riders more susceptible to high-impact injuries because they have very little to protect themselves when they get into an accident, but they can also sustain injuries from being crushed under their own bike—which is often how the femur gets injured.

Technically, there are three different types of femur fractures that you can sustain:

  1. Proximal fractured femur: A break in the upper portion of the femur bone, right next to the hip joint.
  2. Femoral shaft fracture: A fracture right in the middle of the femur bone—very severe.
  3. Supracondylar fractured femur: A break in the femur bone just above the knee—uncommon.

Fractured femur injuries from motorcycle accidents can also often be compound fractures. This means that fragments of the bone are sticking out and have punctured through the surrounding muscle, tendons, and skin—which is incredibly painful and can result in severe blood loss.

Treatment for Fractured Femurs

Treatment for fractured femurs is often expensive as it requires surgery, potentially an extended hospital stay, and then months of physical therapy. Most people will have to have their leg cut open so the doctor can set the bones, and they will need to have some sort of splint or cast to immobilize the area while it heals.

The most severe cases may involve the use of metal rods or pins to hold the bones in place or other internal fixation devices, such as metal plates and screws. The recovery process is then long and often painful and will most likely require physical therapy to walk normally again.

Recovering Compensation for Fractured Femur Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A fractured femur is not something to take lightly. Motorcycle accident victims who sustain this kind of injury are often burdened by costly medical bills, lost income while they recover, pain & suffering, and even emotional trauma. They will also likely need help to do even the most basic of tasks while they heal, and thus, their life can be turned entirely upside down.

For this reason, victims of fractured femurs deserve to recover a higher settlement amount than what might traditionally be awarded for other less severe injuries. Unfortunately, though a person might deserve a high settlement, there is no guarantee they will actually recover what they deserve.

This is where a personal injury attorney can be extremely beneficial. An attorney can handle the case for you while you focus on getting the treatment you need and recovering from your injury. They can protect your rights, help gather evidence to build a strong case, handle negotiations with the other parties involved, and ensure you are awarded the full and fair settlement you deserve.

Damages you can recover compensation for after a fractured femur injury include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Lost income
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Disability or impairment
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional distress or trauma
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses

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