mistakes when choosing a personal injury lawyer

Are you choosing a personal injury lawyer to help you pursue serious accident injury compensation? It’s a choice that could impact your entire life including your finances, legal situation, and emotional wellness in the wake of the accident.

Your focus should be on healing from your injuries and recovering as fully as possible. To help with this journey, the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers is sharing tips for choosing the right lawyer and avoiding common mistakes.

How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer Without Making Mistakes

Mistake: Choosing a Lawyer From the Wrong Location

The first step in choosing a personal injury lawyer is to select someone from the appropriate geographic area. Each state in the U.S. follows its own personal injury laws and some states are tort states, like California, while other states are no-fault states and handle claims differently. Plus, cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco set their own local ordinances.

Work with someone who practices in the area where the accident occurred and is thoroughly familiar with applicable local and state laws. For example, if you reside in Detroit and were injured while on a vacation to San Francisco, choose a San Francisco personal injury lawyer.

Mistake: Selecting a Lawyer From Another Specialty

It’s a mistake to go with a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in personal injury cases, like a divorce lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer. While they might be an intelligent person with training in their specialty, they won’t be able to provide the expertise you need for your specific case.

The team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers handles a wide range of cases within the realm of personal injury law. Our practice areas include bicycle accidents, car accidents, dog bites, emergency vehicle accidents, golf cart accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, scooter accidents, truck accidents, Uber/rideshare accidents, and other similar cases.

Mistake: Taking Action Before Contacting a Lawyer

Until you speak to your lawyer, never accept a payment, agree to any terms, admit fault, sign a contract, or even use an insurance company’s automated online system. Without legal guidance, you may inadvertently do something that harms your case and blocks your chances of compensation.

Instead, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Provide as much information as you can gather, including names of involved parties, insurance information, evidence from the scene, medical bills, and anything else that might be relevant. The right lawyer can help you determine what else you need and what to do next.

Mistake: Basing Your Choice on a Single Factor

Never select a lawyer based on a single factor or interaction. If you go with the first lawyer you call, you could end up regretting it later. The same goes for choosing someone merely because they’ve been in business a certain number of years or because they happen to be a friend of the family.

The choice should integrate multiple factors like their experience, background, personality, specialty, and level of interest in taking your case. Ask to meet with them in person and inquire about their background in successfully securing compensation in cases like yours.

Mistake: Paying Up Front

Making a large up-front payment is a mistake. Ideally, your lawyer should work on a contingency fee that’s only deducted from your case value at its successful conclusion.

A contingency fee keeps your lawyer financially and professionally invested in securing a high-value outcome for you. Choosing a lawyer who’s paid on contingency means they’re highly motivated to stay focused on your case while you rest and recover.

Mistake: Relying on Your Doctor Instead of Your Lawyer

If you fail to seek medical attention immediately after your injury, it may be very difficult for any lawyer to accurately assess and pursue compensation. Medical records form the basis of an injury case because they back up your claim of being injured.

Gather documentation showing the full extent of your injuries including the date of the incident, who caused the serious injuries, your diagnosis, your prognosis, and your medications. Save any documentation about ongoing effects like scarring, disability, pain, or complications.

Don’t rely on your doctor’s input alone. The right lawyer will help you compile all of your evidence into a clear and compelling accident claim. Your lawyer should be able to use their legal savvy to show the vast impact of the accident on your life and health.

Mistake: Choosing a Lawyer Who Won’t Litigate

Some lawyers focus so much on settlements that they avoid going to court at all costs. They might not have the stomach for a court battle, or perhaps they’re worried about the expense, the time, or overwhelming their small staff.

Whatever the reason, you need a lawyer who isn’t afraid to go to court or stand up for you in out-of-court negotiations. Your lawyer should have the confidence to speak boldly on your behalf and their staff should be big enough to provide plenty of support.

Mistake: Undervaluing Your Pain and Suffering Damages

Some lawyers underestimate the value of non-economic damages like pain and suffering. You deserve full and fair compensation for the impact of the accident on your relationships, intimacy, hobbies, and overall enjoyment of life.

To learn more about making an accurate estimate, gather your documentation and take a look at our pain and suffering calculator. When it’s time to choose a personal injury lawyer, go with someone who respects the full worth of your pain and suffering and incorporates it into your total case value.

Do You Know How to Choose a Good Lawyer in California?

As you can see, choosing the right personal injury lawyer involves the location, specialty, evidence, and proper valuation of your case. On top of all this, you need a legal partner with confidence, courtroom experience, negotiation skills, an outstanding reputation in the industry, and extensive legal expertise.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, our results show millions of dollars in successful claims in a wide variety of personal injury cases. Our firm is fully staffed and top-rated with plenty of testimonials from happy clients who have received impressive levels of compensation for their personal injury claims.

We’re here to help you understand your options and build the strongest case possible to secure the compensation you deserve. To learn more, please call 877-380-8852 today and request a free case evaluation.

Accident Client

I came upon Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers in a nervous google search for “Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me.” I’d never needed a lawyer before. I didn’t know how to find one – let alone one I could trust. All I knew is that I needed help. I’d been hit by a car. My injuries were not getting better. I was in over my head.

My brother-in-law (who works for an insurance company) found out I’d been handling the claim myself and was horrified. “That’s what injury lawyers are for!!” So I started looking for one and less than an hour after filling out the intake form on their website, Annie called me back.

From that day forward, everything was just easier. My lawyers, Annie and Rebecca, helped me feel confident in my decisions and ultimately, got me a great settlement. They also genuinely cared about my recovery. The fact that Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers is an all-female law firm was part of the reason I decided to hire them and they lived up to every expectation. Annie and Rebecca were sympathetic, patient, and supportive. I appreciate everything they did for me.

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