$60,000 SETTLEMENT for San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Client

On a clear afternoon in San Francisco, a 20-year-old college student, and aspiring video game designer, had just exited the bus. He was standing on the sidewalk in the quiet Richmond District near Ocean Beach. Suddenly and without warning, a motorist lost control of his vehicle, driving up onto the sidewalk where the young man was standing. The vehicle violently struck the student’s legs from behind. His body flew into the air and onto the hood of the vehicle, before crashing down onto the pavement. The motorist continued to drive illegally on the sidewalk, eventually colliding with a residential building and electric pole before finally coming to a stop.

San Francisco Police officers, emergency personal and news teams quickly arrived at the scene. Sadly, the student was transported by ambulance to San Francisco General Hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured right fibula. Shortly after the accident, medical bills started to arrive in the mail, carrying a price tag of upwards of $24,000. Far away from his home and family back on the East Coast, and uncertain how to proceed on his own, the student searched for a San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney to help him navigate the tricky waters of a personal injury claim. After speaking with the San Francisco personal injury legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, the student was confident he had found the perfect fit – a team that would put the stress of a personal injury claim onto their shoulders and take it off of his.

The team at Sally Morin hit the ground running, ordering the police report and getting a claim opened with the motorist’s auto insurance as soon as possible. To alleviate the inevitable stress that accompanies a traffic accident, Sally Morin and her team handled all communication with the insurance company, and helped the student track and pay his mounting medical bills. This allowed the student to focus on his treatment and recovery.

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After the student had completed his course of orthopedic and physical therapy treatment, Sally Morin and her team of personal injury attorneys submitted a comprehensive demand for settlement. Not phased by the insurance company’s opening offer of $40,000, the team fought to increase the offer by $20,000. Turning next to the student’s outstanding medical bills, Sally Morin successfully negotiated reductions on his health insurance and hospital liens, putting even more money into the student’s pocket. He walked away very pleased that he was able to allow his injury lawyers to take care of his case while he focused on his recovery and got back to his studies.

With the help of the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, the student was able to pay his school tuition, and plan a much needed break on a trip to Europe.

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