Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident
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You never expect an accident.

On a clear afternoon in Santa Monica, California, a product manager in town for business was making his way to an important partner meeting. The last thing on his mind was a pedestrian accident. When the walk signal at the intersection of Pico Boulevard and 28th Street turned green, the young professional left the sidewalk. As he was making his way across Pico Boulevard, a motorist made a sudden turn, slamming into the pedestrian’s body with his Chevrolet pick-up truck.

The force of the impact sent the young man’s body flying into the air, before violently crashing onto the pavement thereafter. The Santa Monica Police Department made a report holding the driver responsible for the pedestrian accident. Sadly, the pedestrian was transported by ambulance to the emergency department at the University of California Los Angeles in Santa Monica where he was diagnosed with a fractured left hand at the base of his pinky finger.

You don't have time to deal with an accident.

After the accident, the busy product manager knew he did not have the time or expertise to handle this claim on his own. As such, he began his search for a skilled Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney. Being a savvy professional, the young man contacted a handful of personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles and the Bay Area to determine which firm would be the best fit for him. After speaking with the Los Angeles personal injury legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, the pedestrian was drawn to the firm’s client-centered approach and commitment to providing superb customer service.

You need someone to help handle your medical bills and the insurance issues.

Primarily concerned with his mounting medical bills and the constant barrage of calls from the ambulance company and UCLA hospital attempting to collect on their outstanding bills, the man turned to Sally Morin for guidance. The team immediately got in touch with each provider, and kept a tedious watch over every medical bill to ensure they would not be sent to collections. Sally Morin and her legal team tracked each bill for over 8 months—from the first statement to the very last.

You shouldn't have to do this alone.

Along the way, Sally Morin and her team of experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys discovered that the at-fault motorist carried liability insurance limits that were insufficient to cover the young professional’s medical expenses, loss of earnings and the pain and suffering he had endured as a result of the accident. Not fazed by this minor setback, the team started to explore other possible avenues of recovery. After digging into the responsible party’s personal assets, the team made the strategic decision to request a personal contribution above and beyond the insured’s policy limits. After a few rounds of negotiation, the Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers personal injury team was able to secure a personal contribution from the at-fault driver, in addition to the full value of his insurance policy, increasing the young professional’s final pedestrian accident settlement and the amount of money that ended up in his pocket.

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