How to get compensated for not being able to use your bike after a bike or motorcycle accident

In almost all motorcycle and bicycle accident cases I handle as a California personal injury attorney, the cyclist or motorcyclist is injured to the point that they cannot physically ride their bike for a certain period of time while their injuries heal. Even if their injuries are not that severe, their bike or motorcycle is usually damaged and needs to be repaired. In addition to receiving compensation for the actual cost of repairs to your bike or motorcycle (also referred to as “property damage”), you can also be compensated both for the loss of use of your bike or motorcycle for the period of time that it takes to repair the bike AND be compensated for any transportation expenses incurred while you are recovering from your injuries from your accident.

First, you can recover a reasonable loss of use value for the period of time that you are without your bike or motorcycle after your bike or serious motorcycle accident. This is typically calculated at the reasonable rate at which you would be able to rent a comparable vehicle. This daily rate is only paid for a reasonable amount of time. The time period that is considered reasonable is the time from the date of the accident to the time the repairs to your bike or motorcycle are completed to get it up and running. If it was rendered a total loss due to the accident, then you are entitled to recover the daily loss of use from the date of the accident up until a reasonable amount of time it would take for you to get your vehicle repaired.

Secondly, you can recover all money spent on transportation due to your physical inability to ride your bike or motorcycle. (Note that this may not apply if your bike or motorcycle was not your main mode of transportation, or you also have a car that you can drive.) This period of time may extend much longer than that described above for repairing the damage to your motorcycle. For instance, if you sustained a broken leg in your motorcycle or bike accident and cannot physically ride for months, you are entitled to compensation for any transportation that you had to purchase during that time. So, if you are forced to take taxis to and from work because you used to ride your bike for that route but now you physically cannot ride, then you are entitled to be reimbursed for your taxi expenses. The same goes if you are purchasing public transportation. Be sure to retain all receipts for these expenses and provide them to your personal injury lawyer, so that you can submit them for reimbursement in your case.

To be sure you receive this compensation, you need to keep good documentation and clearly communicate all property damage issues with your injury attorney and/or the insurance company. For more information on the subject, contact a qualified personal injury attorney who focuses on traffic accidents for a free online case evaluation.

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