Five Things You Should Do If You Are Involved in a Traffic Accident

Sally Morin explains the five things you should do if you are involved in a traffic accident.


  • Seek medical attention and tell your physician or surgeon exactly how the injury occurred and describe all symptoms and complaints.
  • Insist that an accident report be filed.The police, sheriff or highway patrol will often say that no report will be made unless you need an ambulance. Tell them that you are injured and you will need a report to be filed.
  • Get contact the information of all persons involved in the accident. - the name, address, insurance information, vehicle and driver’s license number (Get contact the information of all potential witnesses! Don’t trust that the police will gather all witness information.)
  • If possible, take photographs. Take them of the accident scene, vehicles involved (before repairs), and all injuries (cell phone cameras are particularly handy for this).If you were unable to take the photos at the accident scene, take these pictures later.
  • Do not sign anything or give a recorded statement to any insurance company without first consulting an attorney. Even truthful statements made in an attempt to be helpful can easily be misinterpreted and turned against you later.

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