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Our team of personal injury lawyers in San Jose exclusively handles. . .

Serious Pedestrian, Bicycle, Auto and Motorcycle Accidents ONLY

Why Choose US?

As personal injury attorneys in San Jose we are selective about the clients we work with. To find out if we’re the right firm for you, ask yourself these five questions:

  • Have you been in a pedestrian, motorcycle or bicycle accident in San Jose?
  • Did you suffer major injuries (broken bones, surgeries, hospitalization)?
  • Do you want to get back to work (and your normal life) ASAP?
  • Do you want a lawyer who responds promptly to your calls and emails?
  • Do you want a low-stress resolution of your personal injury case?

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If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, Sally Morin Law is a great fit and we are here to help!

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We Know the System!

Our team of professional personal injury lawyers knows how the legal system works. They can:

  • Deal with insurance adjusters to get as large a settlement as you deserve.
  • Negotiate directly with service providers to decrease your medical bills (make the most of the money you receive.)
  • Play intermediary between you and the San Jose Police Department so your personal injury case is as strong as it can be.

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We Get Results

Lauren and Rebecca at Sally Morin were fantastic, and helped me easily navigate the process after my motorcycle accident. They handled all the paperwork, and interactions with insurance companies, healthcare providers, etc. allowing me to focus on my recovery. Communication was always prompt and transparent.

They helped me get the most compensation, and were very reasonable with the fees, etc. When the damages were slightly less than anticipated they even reduced their fee slightly to help me get more.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. I hope to never need them again, but if I am in another motorcycle or bicycle accident they will be the first people I call!

John A.


Sally Morin Law works hard to get fast, solid, fair results, so that clients can get back on their feet and get back to doing what they love.

These results are obtained quickly through diligent and skilled settlement negotiations (and typically not through years of stressful litigation). Disclaimer

$70K SETTLEMENT – San Jose Motorcycle Accident Case

A twenty-year old man was riding his brand new motorcycle down a City Street in San Jose, California. Out of nowhere, an eighty-seven year old lady made a left turn right in front of him to enter a gas station, cutting off his clear and unobstructed right of way. Without warning or time to react, the young man slammed directly into the side of the woman’s vehicle. Thereafter, the young man was thrown off his motorcycle, causing him to suffer a broken arm.

We Care about Our Clients as Much as The Results We Get for Them

Our commitment to you means we:

  • Listen to your needs.
  • Won't force you to go to court if you don’t want to, but will fight all the way if that’s what is needed.
  • ​Offer simple solutions to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.
  • ​Get you more than you’re expecting by increasing the size of your settlement and minimizing your medical obligations.
  • ​Eliminate stress.
  • ​Allow you to focus on your recovery while we handle all interaction with insurance companies, the police and other attorneys.
  • Will answer calls and return emails promptly so you never feel lost on your path to recovery.

We Offer Peace of Mind Accident Resolution

We offer clients a fast and hassle-free “Hands-Off” approach to accident resolution and personal injury claim settlement. We handle all communications with the vested parties and can get results fast, typically without going to court. You can focus on what is important to YOU (work, life and family) and let us do the work.

But if it comes down to it, Sally Morin Law will take your case into litigation and/or trial. Attorney Sally Morin has successfully litigated hundreds of personal injury cases in California since 1997.

San Jose Personal Injury Lawyers Working for You

San Jose is a wonderful city with a downtown region that WalkScore ranks as both a Walker’s Paradise and a Biker’s Paradise. But The number of motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents in San Jose is on the rise. In fact, fatalities have tied numbers not seen for a decade. In 2015 there were 60 fatalities on our city streets. Traffic crashes now kill more people than violent crimes.

Sally Morin Law employs expert attorneys who specialize in pedestrian, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents only. This laser-focus allows us to get results quickly. And that’s good because when you sustain an injury your life is turned upside down.

After a crash you’ll find yourself bombarded by police investigators, insurance adjustors, medical professionals (and their bill collection services). It can be too much to handle when you’re recovering from a pedestrian accident in North Valley, a bicycle accident in Cambrian Park, or a motorcycle accident in Willow Glen.

And every year nearly 3,500 San Joseans find themselves in that same boat—dealing with pain and suffering, worrying about their jobs, watching their checking account empty out, all while struggling to get the compensation they deserve.

The legal system isn’t there to protect you!

As shocking as that may sound, insurance companies, hospitals, and even police departments have ways of utilizing the law to intimidate you into settle quickly—for less than you deserve. Before you know it, it’s too late to turn back and you’re left shortchanged and without any other options.

It all starts the moment you call the police. San Jose Police Department officers are often overworked and may inadvertently fail to record all the necessary crash data or investigate your accident completely. And the longer you wait to act, the worse of you’ll be. Evidence can be lost or corrupted by weather. Witnesses can leave town or forget important details. Reports can be misplaced or even deleted.

This all puts you behind the 8-ball and have to prove your innocence and the at-fault driver’s liability.

And then comes the predatory insurance adjuster whose only goal is to pay you as little as possible. (They’ll pull whatever tricks they legally can to get you to accept a smaller offer.)

It can all be too much to handle when you’re worried about your recovery, your job, and your family’s wellbeing. You don’t deserve the stress. You deserve the opportunity to heal and get your feet back under you.

And that’s what the San Jose personal injury attorneys at Sally Morin Law can do.

You Need to Concentrate on Your Recovery, so Let Us Take it from Here

Sally’s team of legal professionals:

  • Will take as much stress off your shoulders as they can—they deal directly with police, insurance companies, medical service providers and even bill collectors.
  • Talk straight to you the whole way through—you won’t hear any exaggerated claims, broken promises or BS from Sally or her team.
  • ​Keep you in the loop—our lawyers respond their messages and email promptly so you’re never left in the dark about your case.
  • ​Get results as soon as possible—whether you settle out of court or need to proceed with litigation, Sally Morin has helped hundreds of clients walk down that same road (and gotten millions in settlement dollars).
  • Make you the most important person in your recovery case!

You deserve to get back to work and your life as soon as possible and our San Jose area personal injury attorneys will help you do just that.

Find the Personal Injury Lawyer Who Works for You

If you've been injured in a serious bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian or car accident in San Jose, you have the right to legal representation that understands your needs.

  • You want a personal injury attorney with a history of success.
  • You want an accident lawyer who will talk to you in plain language and help you understand what is going on.
  • You need to put your accident behind you and heal—without the pressure of fighting an uphill battle to get the compensation you deserve.
  • You’re a reasonable person with reasonable expectation about what your injuries cost–you don’t want to take advantage of your misfortune.
  • You want someone to take this burden off your shoulders so you can get back to the life you had before the accident.

If that sounds like you, contact Sally Morin and her team of personal injury lawyers in San Jose.

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