$300,000 Settlement for San Francisco Bicycle vs. Auto Accident


An emergency room doctor is usually the one providing lifesaving medical care for the community’s injured people. But in this bicycle vs. auto accident story, the doctor is the injured patient! A 32-year old ER doctor was riding his bicycle near the intersection of Arguello Boulevard and Cornwall Street in San Francisco, California. Suddenly, a […]

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$100,000 Settlement for Pedestrian vs. Auto Accident


If you’ve ever wondered what kind of settlement a California pedestrian might get after being hit by a car, please keep reading. This is the true story of one of our clients – a healthy, fit 72-year-old woman who was hit by a car on Christmas Eve in San Francisco while visiting her son, his […]

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Do I Have to Give the Insurance Company My Social Security Number in a Personal Injury Case?


After an accident, get ready for the insurance company to demand your social security number. For them, it’s standard practice but for you, it’s a big red flag that says BEWARE! They might try to make you feel that it’s perfectly normal for them to insist on having your social security number, but here’s the […]

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