#SlowOurStreets Update: 20 mph Coming to 7 San Francisco Streets

slow down car accidents

Slower streets save lives. That’s the powerful message behind the #SlowOurStreets movement in San Francisco, which has just taken a huge step forward. Newly-passed California Assembly Bill 43 sets a lower speed limit of 20 miles per hour on numerous streets throughout the city. It’s a move that will help prevent speeding motorists from causing […]

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What Evidence Should I Gather in a Truck Accident vs. a Car Accident?


A big rig slammed into you on a California highway, and now you’re reeling from the impact of the crash. When the dust settles, now’s your only chance to gather crucial evidence before it’s lost forever. So what types of evidence are commonly gathered in trucking accidents? Specifically, how does this evidence differ from a […]

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How Are Truck Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

Fast blurry car on highway

You might not realize how different a truck accident is from a regular car accident until the day you’re in one. The difference is obvious from the moment you’re hit! In general, car accidents are caused by human error, but truck accidents arise from the physical size and forces of a big rig. Plus, these […]

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$300,000 Settlement for San Francisco Bicycle vs. Auto Accident


An emergency room doctor is usually the one providing lifesaving medical care for the community’s injured people. But in this bicycle vs. auto accident story, the doctor is the injured patient! A 32-year old ER doctor was riding his bicycle near the intersection of Arguello Boulevard and Cornwall Street in San Francisco, California. Suddenly, a […]

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Who’s at Fault in a Blind Spot Accident?


Blind-spot accidents are among the most startling vehicle accidents for those involved. Neither person sees the collision coming until the moment of impact and then BAM! Afterward, it’s hard to figure out what happened. The accident is pieced together based on the locations of the vehicles, the recollections of the drivers, and any available scraps […]

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Women In Fewer Crashes But More Likely To Be Seriously Injured Than Men


Did you know women are more likely than men to suffer severe injuries in car crashes? But before you jump to any conclusions about why, let us explain. According to new crash research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), certain vehicles and accidents create added injury risk for women. Interestingly, men are in […]

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$100,000 Settlement for Pedestrian vs. Auto Accident


If you’ve ever wondered what kind of settlement a California pedestrian might get after being hit by a car, please keep reading. This is the true story of one of our clients – a healthy, fit 72-year-old woman who was hit by a car on Christmas Eve in San Francisco while visiting her son, his […]

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When a Borrowed Car is in an Accident, Who’s Liable?


After a car accident here in California, what happens next depends on who owns the car, who was driving it, how it’s insured, and who else was involved. Things can get complicated when the crash involves a borrowed car. Maybe you loaned your car to someone who wrecked it. Or maybe you were driving a […]

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How to Prove Someone Was Texting and Driving


Have you seen someone texting and driving? It’s so aggravating. They drift in and out of their lane, swerving around because their attention is on their device, not the road. Imagine how angry you’d be if this person hit and injured you. Not only did they break the law, but they also disrupted your life, […]

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Am I Liable if Someone Else Driving My Car is in an Accident?


Your car was in a California road accident, but you weren’t the one driving. Now what? Who’s responsible? This is more difficult to answer than it may seem. It depends on what was happening at the time of the accident and which types of insurance coverage may apply. In many cases, you’ll be covered by […]

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