What if You Were in an Accident on a Bus?


Almost everyone has ridden on a bus at some point, right? A school bus. A city bus. That little shuttle bus that goes from the airport to the parking lot. Buses are everywhere, especially in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s almost impossible to avoid them! As a passenger, you just climb […]

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$95,000 Settlement for Motorcycle vs. Commercial Truck Accident


When a trucker U-turned into a motorcyclist’s path, the resulting crash left the motorcyclist with severe wounds and deep scars. This is a real story about a motorcycle vs. commercial truck crash that happened right here in California. Our client, the motorcyclist, was innocently riding down the street just before the accident. He had no […]

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$300,000 Settlement for San Francisco Bicycle vs. Auto Accident


An emergency room doctor is usually the one providing lifesaving medical care for the community’s injured people. But in this bicycle vs. auto accident story, the doctor is the injured patient! A 32-year old ER doctor was riding his bicycle near the intersection of Arguello Boulevard and Cornwall Street in San Francisco, California. Suddenly, a […]

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$135,000+ Settlement for Motorcycle vs. Rideshare Accident


$135,000+ Settlement for Motorcycle vs. Rideshare Accident If you’ve ever been curious about what happens if someone hits you on your motorcycle, read on. This is a real story about a client at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, right here in San Francisco. Our client, a middle-aged tech manager, was riding his motorcycle through San […]

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