Defenses That Could Come Up in Your California Dog Bite Case

dog bite case

In California, victims of dog bites can file a personal injury claim or file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog to recover compensation for their injuries. In fact, California has the strictest dog bite case law compared to other states.  Where these cases in California are concerned, the law states that the owner […]

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The Most Dangerous Days and Times to Be Out on the Roads

drink and drive

Can you guess the most dangerous times to drive? Below, we’ll share some of the riskiest times to be on the road according to safety experts. It’s hard to completely avoid driving during these dangerous times, but it’s good to be extra cautious. Certain days, times, and even holidays are much more common for California […]

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School Bus Accidents: Who is Liable for My Child’s Injuries?

school bus accident

It’s every parent’s nightmare to have their child injured on the school bus. Although school buses are backed by decades of safety research, accidents still happen. After a school bus accident, parents wonder what they can do to hold the right people responsible. Questions arise like, “Is it the school’s fault? What about the bus […]

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$450,000 in Emotional Damages in Wrongful Death Settlement

wrongful death settlement

This tragic story illustrates that after a wrongful death, a family can obtain a high-value settlement that is comprised entirely of emotional damages. The medical bills can be negotiated away and the family takes the settlement for their tremendous suffering. Of course, compensation usually comes after a long period of almost unthinkable grief and loss. […]

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What Evidence Should I Gather in a Truck Accident vs. a Car Accident?


A big rig slammed into you on a California highway, and now you’re reeling from the impact of the crash. When the dust settles, now’s your only chance to gather crucial evidence before it’s lost forever. So what types of evidence are commonly gathered in trucking accidents? Specifically, how does this evidence differ from a […]

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Do Bicyclists Have to Stay in the Bike Lane in California?

Bike lane

If you’re a California cyclist, you’ve probably had a motorist yell at you to “Get in the bike lane!” But do they know what they’re talking about? Do you really have to stay in the bike lane? This is a common question that arises in bicycle injury cases. People are often confused about whether California […]

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What Damages Can I Receive After a Truck Accident?


If a trucker severely injures you in a traffic accident, you can initiate a claim to secure compensation for many types of damages. But get ready for a fight! Big trucking companies have lawyers and insurance companies who will do whatever it takes to deny claims. Here at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we see […]

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Emotional Effects of a Dog Bite Injury

portrait of an aggressive doberman pinscher in a field

Did you know dogs bite more than 20,000 people in Los Angeles County every year? Plus, there are hundreds of thousands of other bites across California and the U.S. These dog bites are painful, costly, and traumatic for victims. Although many effects of a dog bite are immediate, like the jagged lacerations that come from […]

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The Dangers of E-Bikes – What You Need to Know

bicycle rental service subscription as an alternative to mobility

E-bikes are enormously popular here in California, and it’s easy to see why. They’re speedy, fun, and much more cost-effective than cars. But from a bicycle injury attorney’s point of view, e-bikes are dangerous. They can reach top speeds of almost 30 mph and tend to travel dangerously close to fast-moving cars. Faster, Heavier, and […]

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When Is the Truck Manufacturer at Fault for an Accident?

closeup damaged 18 wheeler semi truck burst tires by highway street

Imagine suffering severe injuries in a traffic accident because a truck manufacturer put something dangerous on the road. Bad brakes. Cheap steering columns. Dangerous fuel tanks. Wouldn’t you be angry? Wouldn’t you want the right people to be held responsible? The good news is that in the state of California, you can hold negligent auto […]

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