E-Bike Injuries and Fatalities Spike in Orange County and Across California

E-Bike Injuries

E-bike accidents are on the rise across the nation and nowhere is the trend more obvious than right here in Southern California. This area has recently seen a sharp spike in severe e-bike injuries. In Orange County, e-bike accidents are up 500% since 2020. Particularly shocking is the fact that the number of severe accidents […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Rush to Settle Your Car Accident Case


Why You Shouldn’t Rush to Settle Your Car Accident Case When you’re in a California road accident that’s definitely the other person’s fault, you just want to wrap things up as quickly as possible. So when the other driver’s auto insurance company offers you a fast settlement check, it can be very tempting. Wait! If […]

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What Evidence Should I Preserve After a Car Accident?


The moments after your car accident are extremely important. This is the critical time when the accident scene still appears almost exactly as it happened. Now’s your chance to preserve it with photos and videos. As every minute passes, things change. Witnesses wander away. The sun goes down. Cars are towed off. If you can […]

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How Does Driving While Sick Put You at Risk?

driving while sick

Achoo! Have you ever driven while sneezing and sniffling? It might surprise you to realize that this is actually risky behavior. Driving while sick is one of the lesser-known causes of road accidents. If you cause a crash, your sickness can be considered a form of distracted driving or even drunk/drugged driving. All it takes […]

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Qualities to Look For in a Good Personal Injury Attorney


It can happen to any of us without warning. Through no fault of your own, you suffer a serious injury that profoundly impacts your life for the next few months, years, or maybe even forever. Here’s something important to know about this situation: You’ll only get one chance to seek damages against the negligent party. […]

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