What To Do If an Uber Hits a Pedestrian in California

Pedestrians dodge speeding Ubers all day long in California. Anyone who’s walked along the busy streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles has probably had a close encounter with an Uber!

Uber has more than 200,000 drivers in California alone and about 5 million worldwide. It’s by far the planet’s largest rideshare company and dominates about 65% to 70% of the market in most U.S. cities.

Pedestrians are always at risk of being struck and run over. If you’re the unlucky pedestrian hit by an Uber driver, the aftermath of the accident can be just as traumatizing as the accident itself. It’s possible to secure the compensation you need for your recovery, but it’s not easy.

How Should I Start an Uber-Hits-Pedestrian Case?

An injured California pedestrian should start by gathering contact information from the Uber driver and asking about insurance coverage. Your claim may involve various parties like the Uber driver, Uber insurance, the driver’s private auto insurance, Uber as a company, or a third party you didn’t initially realize was involved in the accident.

Consider the circumstances. Was the Uber vehicle the only vehicle involved, or was there a chain reaction collision? There have been California cases where pedestrians were injured by dropped objects, flying debris, and police pursuits.

Even if the Uber driver holds some responsibility, perhaps another driver, another pedestrian, or even an Uber passenger created circumstances that led to your accident. We’re now seeing new cases where an autonomous self driving Uber hits a pedestrian, like the famous incident where the Uber vehicle didn’t

 and killed her. 

Before starting your legal journey, we strongly advise you to seek a free consultation with the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers and learn more about what to do if an Uber driver hits you.

As a Pedestrian, How Can I Win an Uber Claim?

You have the best chances of winning your Uber accident case when you educate yourself about the law, gather strong evidence, and select the right lawyer. You’ll need a lawyer with specific experience in California pedestrian accidents and rideshare claims.

The law requires you to prove both liability and damages for your accident. However, Uber has a long history of misleading the public about what happened when a pedestrian was hit by an Uber driver. A few years ago, Uber and its competitors even worked together to fight for the passage of California Prop 22, making rideshare drivers independent contractors and limiting Uber’s responsibility to pay accident claims.

Winning an Uber accident claim is now more challenging than ever and takes some careful investigation. With your lawyer’s help, you’ll need to access evidence that shows whether the Uber driver was actively engaged in driving and using their app when they hit you. 

If the Uber driver was actively driving a passenger or on the way to do so, Uber insurance should apply and may provide up to $1 million in coverage. Under California Vehicle Code Section 5430, this $1 million in insurance coverage is available for road accidents that involve death, personal injury, and property damage. 

If the Uber driver didn’t have their app activated and wasn’t driving an Uber passenger, they’re a regular driver just like anyone else on the road. Still, their personal insurance might apply, so you could still have a route to claiming significant accident compensation.

It’s worth your time to gather as much evidence and documentation as possible, working with your lawyer to strengthen your case. In addition to the Uber driver’s identity and insurance info, you’ll need medical records, medical bills, the police report, witness statements, photos, and videos. You may also need expert testimony that supports your case.

Will I Have to Go to Court for a Pedestrian vs. Uber Claim?

You’ve already suffered the distress of being an injured pedestrian. Will you have to go to court, too? Good news: probably not.

The vast majority of California road accident cases can be settled out of court through insurance settlements and mutually-acceptable agreements, including claims where an Uber hits a pedestrian. Most rideshare drivers and companies would prefer to keep these cases out of the courts and out of the media.

Of course, in some situations, a settlement isn’t possible and an in-court appearance is required. This usually occurs because the other party is being extremely difficult or simply refuses to negotiate. The team at Sally Morin Personal Injury lawyers has plenty of experience standing up for our clients in court and winning court judgments.

Contact Us About Your Uber Pedestrian Accident Case

As a pedestrian hit by an uber driver, you’re not alone in this situation. When you contact Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, you’re reaching out to a California team with a strong record of successfully helping our clients succeed in Uber and pedestrian accident cases. 

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