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Despite the occasional story of a high-profile Los Angeles Uber accident that grabs headlines, plenty of accidents in LA aren’t caused by Uber drivers. Many LA crashes are caused by other reckless, careless, or intoxicated drivers crashing into Uber vehicles.

This disparity adds to the debate about whether or not using Uber is actually safer than driving your own car or taking the bus. However, the entire debate sometimes misses an important point: Passengers are the innocent victims in LA Uber accidents.

No matter which driver is at fault, the Uber passenger is in a tough situation. Now what? Do you contact Uber? Do you seek compensation from the Uber driver’s insurance company? How will you pay your medical bills?

It’s not hard to see why so many people have serious questions after they’ve been involved in an Uber accident here in LA. Let’s examine why these devastating accidents happen and what you can do about it.

The Real Cost of LA Uber Accidents

Uber accidents are happening every day on LA roads. Here are just a few examples you might have seen in the news.

The driver in an LA drunk driving crash was arrested for DUI and charged with manslaughter.  Or at least, that was the headline that ran in the media. What you didn’t see was that the victim in this story was a female 20-year-old Uber passenger who succumbed to her injuries after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

Sadly, that’s not the first instance of a fatal rideshare accident caused by a drunk driver here in LA. An Uber driver was killed and her passenger seriously injured when an intoxicated driver ran a red light and smashed into their vehicle. The driver faced murder charges stemming from this fatal Uber accident, while the surviving victim and her family struggled to rebuild their lives.

In an eerily similar case, five people were injured in a Los Angeles Uber accident after a car smashed into an SUV. The SUV, which was carrying Uber passengers, flipped over and caused everyone inside to tumble around and sustain injuries. The driver of the car was believed to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision.

Alcohol isn’t always the culprit. In one case, a foreign exchange student was killed in an Uber accident when an SUV struck the vehicle she was riding in. That SUV allegedly ran a red light. Was the driver speeding? Were they distracted by the Uber app? In the end, it doesn’t really matter to the victim’s family.

The rise of LA rideshare accidents

Uber Faces Criticism for Mishandling LA Accidents

Uber has repeatedly come under fire for the way they handle accidents on California roads. A  recent report found that rideshare companies may be misleading the public about accidents to make Californians think it’s safe to use their service.

You should know that California law regarding rideshare services is constantly evolving. Lawmakers are scrambling to update the law. Learn the latest here.

Here’s something important to know about Uber accidents: Uber hopes you’ll either avoid making a claim or accept a lowball settlement. This may be why the company’s claims process is so slow and frustrating.

Why are Los Angeles Uber Accidents Happening So Often?

Uber accidents make LA roads less safe and create road dangers for local drivers. Here are some of the main contributors to Uber accidents.

Speed – This is the number one contributing factor to the majority of car accidents in Los Angeles and the number one cause of death on U.S. roads. Rideshare drivers have a financial incentive to drive as quickly as possible. The more passengers they serve, the more money they make.

Failure to Stop – While moving fast, Uber drivers sometimes bend the rules of the road by rolling through stop signs and failing to come to a complete stop. This kind of behavior dramatically increases the risk of crashes.

Unfamiliar Roads – Uber attracts drivers from far beyond LA who aren’t familiar with city roads. These drivers may drive erratically, increasing the risk of crashes.

Distracted Driving – A rideshare driver must look down at their phone to interact with the rideshare app and accept rides. This can contribute to Uber distracted driving accidents in Los Angeles.

Driver Fatigue – If an Uber driver is sleepy or overworked, they’re a danger on the road. During the late evening and early morning hours, drivers may be at particular risk of fatigue due to sleep deprivation.

New Risk: Driverless Cars – Get ready for another Uber risk on California’s roads. Driverless Ubers have been involved in several high-profile wrecks. If you’re injured by an autonomous car, you can sue for compensation with the help of an Uber accident attorney.

Here’s How Insurance Works in an LA Uber Accident

Insurance plays a big role in LA Uber accident claims. As a passenger, you can’t necessarily rely on personal auto insurance to pay up. You may need to start a claim with Uber and the driver’s Uber insurance.

California law requires rideshare companies to hold $1 million in insurance just in case someone is injured in an accident. Uber’s partner program offers its drivers coverage with major insurance carriers like Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, and others.

After a covered accident, a passenger could qualify to receive payment for their injuries and other damages. Whether or not insurance will pay for your Uber accident may depend on which of the three periods the Uber driver was in when the crash occurred.

Period 1: The driver is offline or the app is off.During this period, the driver’s personal insurance coverage applies, not Uber insurance.

Period 2: The driver is available or waiting for a ride request.When a driver is in this period, Uber maintains third-party liability coverage if personal auto insurance doesn’t apply, including $50,000 in bodily injury per person, $100,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 in property damage per accident.

Period 3: The driver is en route to pick up riders or is actively driving a passenger.While a driver is actively picking up or driving passengers, Uber maintains $1 million in third-party liability insurance, uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage, contingent comprehensive and collision coverage, and up to the cash value of the car with a $1,000 deductible.

Victims Have Major Life Impacts from LA Uber Accidents

At Sally Morin Personal Injury lawyers, our clients include many LA victims of Uber accidents who are looking for a way to pay expensive medical bills, recoup lost wages, and try to regain a sense of a normal life again. Here are some of the most common injuries we’ve seen.

  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries with lifelong effects
  • Whiplash that impacts the neck and spine
  • Leg injuries, including knee and foot injuries with deep wounds and scars
  • Hand and wrist injuries from throwing your hands out to protect yourself
  • Torn ligaments and connective tissue injuries
  • Broken or shattered bones

Do you have injuries like these? If you’ve suffered a severe injury in a Los Angeles Uber accident, contact our team as soon as possible. Now’s your chance to secure the compensation you need to rest, recover, and move forward with your life.

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