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After a semi-truck accident, we can help you get the compensation you deserve to heal and move forward.

What would you do if a semi-truck smashed into your car in traffic? Big rigs have big insurance policies, but it can be difficult to get them to pay up. Don’t go after them alone! We can help.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we are truck accident experts with more than 30 years of combined experience handling complex traffic injury claims.

We boldly represent trucking accident victims and pursue trucking insurance providers to ensure you’ll get a full, fast, and fair settlement.

Our clients hire us to help reduce stress and allow them to focus on recovering from the trauma of an accident while we handle the legal process. In fact, our skill at negotiating settlements means you can likely avoid the hassle of a court appearance and still end up with the compensation you deserve.

We help victims of semi-truck accidents secure high-value accident compensation using the experience of our talented legal team. Please read on to learn more about semi-truck accidents in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond.

More than other types of accidents, semi-truck accidents involve numerous people and organizations. Your accident may involve:

  • Yourself
  • Your insurance company
  • Your lawyer
  • The trucker
  • The trucker’s employer
  • The trucker’s employer’s lawyer
  • The trucker’s employer’s insurance company
  • The driver of the car, if you were a passenger
  • Other vehicle’s drivers and their insurance companies
  • The police who arrive at the scene
  • Accident investigators
  • Any witnesses who are around
  • On-scene medical personnel like EMTs
  • Emergency room workers
  • Doctors for ongoing care and therapy
  • Insurance claims adjusters following up on your claim
  • An auto repair mechanic

That’s at least 15 people and organizations, just for the most basic trucking accident! That’s why it’s a huge relief to bring a lawyer on board. Now you have someone to help you organize your legal case and take some of the work off your shoulders at this overwhelming time in your life.

Types of Semi-Truck Accidents on California Roads

Here at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve many types of accidents involving semi-trucks. We handle personal injury cases that involve road accidents where our client is severely injured, including:

What to Do After a Semi-Truck Accident

After a semi-truck accident, it may feel that your case is taken over by the insurance companies. You might feel that nobody is listening or taking you seriously, which makes you lose hope for getting your medical bills, car repairs, and other costs covered.

Don’t lose hope! In this challenging situation, you can contact us for a consultation about your semi-truck accident.

Here are some tips that will help you maintain control of your situation.

#1 Get medical attention.

Seek health care for your injuries and follow your doctors’ orders. Continue seeing your doctors without skipping appointments. Consistency in treatment, including showing proof of treatment, is key in the period after a rideshare accident. Insurance companies want to see this kind of proof before they pay.

#2 Get the trucker’s information and the police report.

Gather the trucker’s information at the scene of the accident, if possible. To make things official and start a record that shows you were injured, you’ll need to report the accident to the authorities and get a police report. Never delay in doing this, even if the other party insists that they don’t want to get the police involved. Any delay could prevent you from recovering compensation later.

In California, most truck accidents occur on freeways and the accident report will be made by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) rather than the local police. Make sure you’re working with a lawyer who is familiar with the CHP report process.

#3 Report the accident to your insurance company.

Notify your car insurance company about the accident but avoid giving a detailed report until you speak to your lawyer.

#4 Give all information to your lawyer.

Hang on to the other driver’s name, phone number, insurance information, and physical address. This includes their license plate, insurance card, and license. Provide as much information as possible to your lawyer and do as quickly as possible.

Time is of the essence. Trucking companies are now using cameras in their trucks to record footage, but it’s easy for this evidence to be lost or deleted if you wait too long. Your lawyer can help you secure this footage before it disappears.

#5 Beware of sharing any photos or videos online.

Don’t rant about your accident online or share photos of what happened. Your attorney can help you decide how to handle social media and other types of communications that could impact your case. Avoid texting or calling the trucker. Let your lawyer handle the back-and-forth.

Making Insurance Claims in Trucking Accidents

If you were injured in a trucking accident, the truck driver can be ordered to pay for medical costs and other damages. Their employer’s insurance coverage may cover the cost, or you can win a judgment against them personally if they have the means to pay.

Trucking companies carry huge insurance policies because they know road accidents happen. By making a claim, you’re protecting your health and financial stability. You’re also putting the responsibility for a trucking accident where it belongs: on a negligent trucker, their trucking company, and the insurance carrier that covers them.

Prepare for the trucking company insurance carrier to put up a fight! They may try to blow off your claim and minimize your injuries, hoping you’ll either accept a lowball settlement or go away.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we’re sick of seeing trucking companies and their insurance carriers give people a hard time. Every client we take on becomes our priority as we assertively demand compensation.

A semi-truck accident attorney provides valuable services like:

  • Determining who’s involved in your motorcycle accident
  • Making a strong case for your side
  • Helping you get your vehicle repaired
  • Getting your medical bills paid
  • Negotiating a solid settlement or going to court if necessary
  • Reducing your stress so you can rest and heal

What Role Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) Play?

Here in California, the state requires uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) and this includes trucking companies. UIM is coverage for an accident with a driver who does not have any liability insurance or is underinsured. Your insurance company must offer you this coverage in California, although you can sign a waiver to opt-out.

If a trucker is uninsured or underinsured, UIM may kick in to help you cover your costs. However, claiming UIM can take a significant amount of time. It also becomes more confusing if you were a passenger, rather than the driver.

Also, we’d like to point out that in California, there is a mandated $1 million UIM policy but there is no mention of a combined single limit. Usually, this acts as a combined single limit and any UIM policy proceeds will be shared among everyone in the vehicle.

Trucking companies are responsible for the actions of their employees/drivers and you can go after the company directly when you’re injured in an accident. However, these companies also have experienced lawyers who work to fight these claims on the trucking company’s behalf. You’ll need a lawyer who has plenty of experience with these types of trucking claims.

You Need a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer NOW!

Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers can handle the complicated legal issues involved in your semi-truck accident claim so that you can put all of your focus and energy on recovering from your injuries. We’d like to help you ease the worry and stress about your situation.

Here’s how the process works. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss everything that is going to occur over the following weeks and months. This includes the potential outcome that you can expect from your semi-truck accident case, as well as things that you might be able to do to keep your claim strong. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions all along the way.

Next, we’ll investigate the crash itself, gathering the valuable evidence you will need for your case. This is the key to succeeding and getting the settlement you deserve. We’re very experienced at creating a solid case for compensation in semi-truck accident cases.

We’ll help you create a strong demand letter that tells the other side what you’re requesting and why you should receive it. There will be a period where we go back and forth, negotiating boldly with the trucking insurance company to get you the best possible outcome. The negotiations usually go pretty smoothly when you have a lawyer involved because the insurance carrier realizes you’re serious about winning a high-value claim.

Ultimately, we will either come to a settlement or the other side will insist on going to court. Most of the time, trucking accident cases can be resolved without going to court. However, sometimes the trucking insurance company thinks a judge or jury will be sympathetic to them for some reason.

Your accident lawyer from Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers will be there to help you maximize the value of your claim every step of the way. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a great value for semi-truck crashes and you won’t owe us a penny until the conclusion of your case.

Need Help Making Your Accident Claim? We’re Here to Help.

As an injured person in a semi-truck accident case, it’s your responsibility to collect and present evidence that persuades the insurance company to write a check. They’ll likely resist paying an amount that’s appropriate and adequate to compensate you for your losses.

Look for a trucking accident lawyer who can offer you a no-obligation free consultation even if you’re not sure who’s liable. Here are some things you can do next.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, you’ll find a sympathetic group of talented lawyers who have been winning trucking accident cases for decades. We understand how much your accident has shaken up your life and we’re here to help you get the resources you need to move forward. Contact us now for a FREE online case evaluation.

If you've been in a serious scooter accident and have suffered:






Then speaking with a San Francisco semi-truck accident lawyer at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers - or completing our FREE online case evaluation - is the first step on the road to recovery.

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Sometimes no amount of preparation or safe riding can keep you from getting into an accident - especially one that’s the fault of another driver. In cases like this, riders need to take certain steps to safeguard their legal rights to compensation. When it comes to a scooter accident, the cards are stacked against you. Police officers, motorists, and even witnesses can be biased against those of us traveling on two wheels. Protecting your rights comes down to doing the right things from the moment your scooter accident happens. Here are some tips for doing the right things after a San Francisco scooter crash:

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Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers can handle the convoluted legal red tape involved in your claim so that you can put all of your focus and energy on recovering from your injuries. With a trustworthy, experienced semi-truck lawyer on your side, there is no reason to worry and stress about your situation. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss everything that is going to occur over the following weeks and months. This includes the potential outcome that you can expect from your case, as well as things that you might be able to do to strengthen your claim. Next, we will investigate the crash itself, gathering the valuable evidence you will need for your case so that you will have the best possible chance of succeeding and getting you the settlement you deserve. We know how to create a strong, solid case for compensation.

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After a semi-truck accident, contact the attorneys at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. We handle many areas of the law, including trucking accidents. We believe you should be able to focus on recovering while we handle the legal details.

We truly care about California’s injured people. Contact us today for a free online case evaluation or call 877-380-8852.

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  3. Helpful resources and contacts in San Francisco that you can reach out to
  4. Understand your personal injury case and how you should handle it
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