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Car Accidents Can Happen to Anyone and Now it's Happened to You.You feel frustrated, confused, but you don't even know where to start.

If you’ve experienced major injuries like broken bones, head trauma, internal injuries, or experienced a hospital stay, then you need a qualified Oakland car accident attorney on your side.

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Learn How to Get a Full, Fast and Fair Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlement

Whether your auto accident was today or not, this accident checklist will help build your case. Keep a copy in your glovebox and share it with those you love.

Learn how to make an auto accident claim & whether working with an attorney is right for you. This A-Z guide covers everything in a simple Q&A format.

If you've been injured in a serious auto accident, knowledge is power. Learn your rights and what mistakes to avoid that could sabotage your personal injury claim.

If You've Been Injured in a Oakland Car Accident...You're Not Alone

The Streets of Oakland Are Dangerous

According to official data released by the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 2,118 car accidents in Oakland in 2013, which is the last year for which complete data was published.

A huge number of those accidents were completely avoidable. 

In 123 of those cases, alcohol was involved.

And in 287 Oakland car crashes, speed was a major contributing factor.

The OTS wasn't collecting data on distracted driving at the time but safety officials say it is one of the most dangerous habits drivers engage in today. We've all seen someone texting while driving, right?

The sad fact is, after several years of decline, the number of total car accidents in Oakland is on the rise—likely because of distracted driving.

That’s bad news for every good driver who obeys the rules of the road.

It means they have to be even more wary about everyone else around them!

According to CHP statistics there are roughly 240,000 car accidents in California that end with some type of injury every year.

While just a fraction of them result in serious injuries, those injuries requiring ambulance transportation, ER visits, and/or hospital stays can be devastating.

They throw victim’s lives into complete chaos.

It can be overwhelming trying to balance your physical recovery with your family’s financial stability. But don’t give up.

A qualified Oakland auto accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve without all the hard work.

Because all you should have to do is concentrate on getting back on the road again.

Somtimes Saying Less is More

What Not to Do if You are in a Car Accident in Oakland

It’s an insurance adjuster’s job to pay you as little as possible. That's just an ugly truth.

They may contact you on the phone or in person and appear as if they’re acting on your best behalf.

But they’re not.

One of the worst things a car accident victim like you can do is speak with an adjuster before securing the services of an experienced car accident attorney in Oakland.

Because everything you say to that insurance company can (and probably will) be used to minimize your claim.

Having an experienced lawyer to act as your proxy and deal directly with insurance adjusters is the best way to maximize the amount of money you may be entitled to.

And it will also minimize the amount of hassle you put yourself through.

And that's just a few of the many benefits of working with a qualified Oakland car accident attorney​.

Meet Sally Morin Law, the Car Accident Specialists

Find Out What Makes Us Different

We're passionate about you.

Sally Morin founded her law firm on one simple principle: hardworking, honest people should be able to get the legal help they need to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

That simple belief has led her to help hundreds of clients successfully win courtroom judgments and financial settlements in The Bay Area amounting to millions of dollars.

And now she’s extending that expert level of service to Oakland.

But we don’t help just anyone.

The experienced car accident attorneys at Sally Morin Law are excited to find clients who aren’t looking for a handout, just a hand up.

And when we find them, we go the extra mile to get the job done.

If you’ve experienced major injuries like broken bones, head trauma, internal injuries, or hospital stays but are determined to come out on top, you may be our type of client.

If your number one priority is getting back on your feet and back to work as soon as possible, we may be able to get the financial security you need in the meantime.

And if you’re concerned about how your injuries are affecting your family, we can take the wheel and make your legal claim resolution a hands-free (and hassle-free) process.

Stress-Free Car Accident Claims Resolution

Let's face it, you can’t fully recover if you’re constantly worrying about your mounting medical bills, the harassing calls from aggressive insurance adjusters, or tracking down the necessary forms and documentation to build a successful personal injury claim.

And when you work with Sally Morin Law, you won't have to.

From the moment our team of car accident lawyers in Oakland take up your case, you won't have to worry about anything but getting better.

We’ll contact insurance companies, hospitals, and billing departments to tell them they’ll be dealing with us from now on.

Not only does that take a tremendous load off your shoulders, it lets us focus fully and completely on your case.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the dark.

We’ll keep you informed, on a daily basis if necessary, and answer your phone calls and emails every time you have a question or concern.

But it does mean you can stop worrying and just relax!

We're Selective About Who We Choose to Serve

We don’t take every case presented to us.

Unlike those other Oakland car accident attorneys you see on TV and plastered on the sides of buildings and busses, we’re not in this job to stroke our egos.

We’re here to fight for you and get the compensation you deserve.

That means we choose to work with honest clients, those who don’t buy into hype or believe the outrageous settlement claims many other lawyers promise.

We’ll fight hard to get you every penny you deserve from the at-fault driver or their insurance company, but we believe the best way to help you get back on track as quickly as possible is to be fair.

We’ll take into account your medical bills, your lost wages, your pain and suffering, and even smaller expenses like prescriptions and travel expenses to come up with a settlement value that suits your needs.


Because insurance companies are more likely to pay fair settlements without a fight—which means you get your money faster.

But if they do resist, Sally Morin has been successfully litigating personal injury claims in California courtrooms since 1997.

We Help You Make the Most of Your Money

Getting the money you’re entitled to is only half the battle. Holding onto it is the other!

When you choose to work with Sally Morin law, our expert car accident attorneys in Oakland will negotiate with medical service providers on your behalf to lower your financial obligation.

We know the insider data about how much medical procedures and supplies actually cost.

And that means we can put pressure on  billing departments to bring your bill down to a bare minimum.

What does that mean for you?

You get to keep more of the settlement or judgement you’re awarded.

And while we know the money isn’t your priority and getting back to normal is, a little extra doesn’t hurt.

$100K POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT – Car Accident Case (Rear-End Collision) in Alameda County

A young healthy San Francisco woman was rear ended on Highway 92 in Hayward by an inattentive driver who failed to see that all traffic on the freeway ahead of her was stopped. The driver caused a car crash and the young woman's car at approximately 60 MPH. The impact caused the client to hit her head on the steering wheel. She suffered a laceration that required stitches. She also lost recollection of events immediately following the accident, but fortunately did not suffer any serious head injury or brain injury.

She was really stressed out about the accident, as she had recently gotten a new job, and could not afford to miss work, let alone try to handle her own car accident claim with the insurance companies. She didn't know what to do, so she started researching online and found the Oakland personal injury attorneys at Sally Morin Law. She was so grateful to be able to hand over the claim, all documents, bills and her stress to the Sally Morin Law team.

Sally and her team were able to quickly get the other driver's insurance company to cough up the $100,000 insurance policy limits*. The client gladly accepting this amount and was able to move on with her life. *Prior to acceptance of the policy limits offer, Sally's team confirmed that the negligent driver had no significant assets from which to recover further settlement monies.

Our goal is to help those car accident victims who really need it.

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