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Don’t Let a Motorcycle Accident in Oakland Sideline You

There are more than 800,000 motorcycles registered in the state of California—one of the highest concentrations in the entire country. Great whether, scenic roads, exciting attractions—they call to bikers from around the world. But as a motorcycle accident attorney in Oakland I know that your life can be turned upside down in an instant when you’re on the back of a bike.

Motorcyclists are not only more likely to be injured in crashes than motorists; they’re also more likely to suffer significant, life-threatening (or at least life-altering) injuries in those crashes. But if you’ve been injured, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Oakland can help you get the financial compensation you deserve and put you back on the road to recovery fast.

A Different Type of Attorney

Laser-Focused on Motorcycle Accidents

Our team of experienced attorneys is focused on motorcycle accidents. That means they know what to expect from your case before you do. They know the types of evidence you need to prove liability. They know the types of documentation that must be filed to keep your case on track. They know the tactics that insurance adjusters use to get victims to settle for less than they deserve.

We’ve helped individuals navigate the tricky legal road to financial recovery for years.

Your Needs First

Unlike some of those high-profile motorcycle accident attorneys in Oakland, we’re not out to make a name for ourselves. We’re here to help you get your life back on track. That means:

  • Getting you the settlement you deserve
  • Getting it as soon as possible
  • Minimizing the impact of a crash on your life

And to do that, we handle everything from day one. One of the first things we do after accepting your case is contact the interested parties (insurance companies, police departments, hospitals/doctors’ offices) and tell them that we’ll be taking over your case. Everything related to it should come through us.

That means we:

  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters to get you the money you deserve
  • Limit your financial obligations to medical service providers so you can keep more of your settlement
  • Gather all the evidence (photographs, eyewitness reports, police documentation) ASAP so if your case does go to court, we’ll be more than prepared

Putting You Back in the Saddle

Low-Stress Motorcycle Accident Claim Resolution

Hardworking people like you don’t want to be victims and they don’t want to be held back by their limitations. But dealing with the complicated process of getting the compensation you deserve can simply be overwhelming.

And there’s a reason for that:  The system is not on your side.

Sad to say, victims of motorcycle accidents in Oakland have to fight for what they earn. Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible, hospitals want to get paid right now, police investigators count yours among the dozens of accidents they’re overseeing, legal forms were written for lawyers—not people like you.

If you try to seek compensation on your own, you’re adding insult to injury. The stress of juggling every aspect of this complicated process can have a detrimental effect on your recovery. Not only that, the stress piled on top of the physical pain and worries about money can put undue strain on your home life.

You don’t have to live like that. You’ve been injured and your priority should be getting healthy again. Let our Oakland motorcycle accident attorneys worry about everything else.

Serious Representation for Serious Injuries

The legal team at Sally Morin is dedicated to each and every one of our clients, because our selection process isn’t arbitrary. We work with people we truly enjoy serving. We don’t take every case that’s presented to us.

We look for individuals with a positive attitude who:

  • Have suffered major injuries
  • Are hardworking
  • Make getting better their #1 priority
  • Want to protect their family from financial hardship
  • Need expert help to get the settlement they deserve

We look for great clients who need a little guidance and a helping hand to get where they want to be.

Quick Resolution, Fair Settlements

We shoot straight. We won’t exaggerate or lie to you about what sort of settlement you might receive. We operate honestly and with integrity not because it’s easy but because it’s the only way.

This means you get a motorcycle accident lawyer who:

  • Responds promptly to your calls and emails
  • Offers guidance and information (not orders) when big decisions have to be made
  • Knows how to settle your case quickly to get your life back to normal
  • Can reduce your medical financial obligations
  • Can litigate your personal injury case if it goes to court

Small Firm, Big Results

Sally Morin Law has successfully settled hundreds of cases out of court and litigated personal injury claims in court since 1997. This has resulted in millions of dollars in financial compensation for accident victims throughout The Bay Area.

We’re so successful because our tightly knit team focuses on certain types of personal injury cases including those stemming from motorcycle accidents in Oakland. Cultivating a level of expertise in such a narrow field allows our lawyers to do what others often cannot:  settle your case quickly.

That experience has also let us understand a little bit of what accident victims go through, the pain they suffer, the fears that plague them, the hopes  have for their recovery. It’s this personal connection with each client that fuels our passion to do the right thing.

Don’t you deserve a motorcycle accident lawyer that understands you, empathizes with you, and knows how to get what you actually need?

Full Throttle Legal Assistance

Are We the Oakland Motorcycle Accident Attorneys for You?

Are you a hardworking individual who has suffered severe injuries while riding your motorcycle in Oakland? Was that accident caused by another driver’s negligence, recklessness, or disregard for your safety? Do you want your life to get back to normal more than anything else?

Our team of dedicated legal experts may be able to help. If you’d like to know if we’re the right fit for you, learn more about us or submit your claim online (it’s fast and confidential.) If you’d like to speak to a real person, call (510) 858-2231 right now.

We help you back on your feet!

Our team of personal injury lawyers in Oakland exclusively handles

Serious Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Accidents ONLY

Traffic crashes are the #1 public health risk in Oakland!

pedestrian bike motorcyclecar

Why Choose Us?

As personal injury attorneys in Oakland we are selective about the clients we work with.
To find out if we’re the right firm for you, ask yourself these five questions:


checkbox1. Have you been in a pedestrian, motorcycle or bicycle accident in Oakland?


checkbox2. Did you suffer major injuries (broken bones, surgeries, hospitalization)?


checkbox3. Do you want to get back to work (and your normal life) ASAP?


checkbox4. Do you want a lawyer who responds promptly to your calls and emails?


checkbox5. Do you want a low-stress resolution of your personal injury case?


If you answered “yes” to most of these questions,
Sally Morin Law is a great fit and we are here to help!

We Know the System!

Our team of professional personal injury lawyers knows how the legal system works. They can:

  • Deal with insurance adjusters to get as large a settlement as you deserve

  • Negotiate directly with service providers to decrease your medical bills (make the most of the money you receive)

  • Play intermediary between you and the Oakland Police Department so your personal injury case is as strong as it can be.

We Get Results

Recently I had been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained a broken collar bone which required surgery. Sally Morin law made everything so easy. They were able to reduce the outrageous  medical bills and negotiate a great settlement. It was the best decision I ever made. Don’t try to settle your own claim. An attorney will get you more than what you do on your own. You my owe money by the time medical bills roll around. Trust someone who knows what their doing.

You alway here how that person got the “Great Attorney.” Well this was it! A big thank you to team of Sally Morin law.  You are simply the best!

Joe Q.


Sally Morin Law works hard to get fast, solid, fair results, so that clients can get back on their feet and get back to doing what they love.


These results are obtained quickly through diligent and skilled settlement negotiations (and typically not through years of stressful litigation). Disclaimer

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