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  • Choosing an attorney is never easy. I knew that I needed help as the other insurance company was pushing us around. I contacted Sally Morin on the advice of a friend who had many wonderful things to say about her.

    Sally Morin settled our case for far more than we had ever expected! She was awesome. Most importantly she did not burden us. She asked the initial questions then got back to us with their offer. It was so easy.

    Sally Morin did not nickle and dime us. Her share was less than we had expected. I like how easy she is to work with. There were no surprises.
    – Julie Z.
  • Sally rocks! Not only did she respond within a few short hours of my inquiry, she was extremely thorough in how she presented her legal advice. She was professional beyond my expectations and yet, she knew her limits. When I asked a question that she thought was beyond her scope, she was humble enough to say so. This is a rare trait, and something that makes me respect her word even more. I will definitely recommend Sally to others searching for honest and professional legal advice.
    – Katie S. San Francisco, CA
  • Sally just completed my personal injury case and was nothing but amazing to work with. She dealt with everything for the duration of my case and I felt completely safe in her hands. She was approachable and professional throughout the entire case. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking help with a personal injury case.
    – M.L.
  • Sally Morin is an outstanding attorney and I have been more than pleased with her work on my Yellow Cab case. I found her on Yelp and her reviews are nothing but truth- she is the best. It sucks going up against a large entity such as Yellow Cab , but Sally was able to negotiate what I thought to be a very good settlement. I am extremely happy with the way that she handled the case and would hire her again if I needed to. Thank you Sally, I appreciate all of your help!!
    – Kim K.
  • While riding my bike to work, I was struck by a motorist who ran a red light. The driver stayed on the scene and seemed genuinely concerned about my well-being. However, when I sent my claim to her insurance, she denied the events as I, and my witnesses, reported them.

    Sally's expertise was instrumental in dealing with the insurance company to get a good settlement. She is very responsive, a true professional, and just a lovely person to work with.

    I would recommend Sally Morin in a heart-beat.
    – Donnie g. San Francisco, CA
  • During the first phone conversation I had with Sally I knew right away that I could trust her. For me this was incredibly important because it was her honesty that won me over and safely allowed me to accept her as my representative partner. I use the word "partner" because Sally created an environment where we worked together, toward a common goal, and I knew I could count on her. She of course led the way, and I always felt like we made progress together. It was such a nice change from a previous experience in another, somewhat similar situation. What facilitated this the best was the way she communicated. I always knew what was happening, and I always had a voice and a choice.

    I highly recommend Sally Morin as a personal injury attorney. She demonstrated true professionalism by promptly working on my case, caring about my situation, and communicating with me on a regular basis. Through her hard work the case was resolved in my favor. If I ever get into a similar situation again, without hesitation, I know exactly who to call.
    – John W.
  • After getting rear-ended by a distracted driver, I was absolutely clueless as to what to do and where to turn. After a friend recommended me to Sally, my problems quickly faded. Sally and her team worked tirelessly to make sure that I was taken care of on all fronts. Not only did I resolve my issues and get the settlement that I needed, but I got the medical care that I so desperately needed in that moment.

    Thank you so much, Sally! While I hope I never have to use a personal injury lawyer again, you will get the first call should that need arise!
    – Scott B. Escalon, CA
  • I contacted Sally last year, after my husband's accident where he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. As soon as I started talking to her I knew that I had made the right choice. She was so compassionate and her sensitivity towards our case touched me deeply. Not is she only a very understanding and sensitive person, but she is also one of the most professional lawyers you can wish for. Sally has handled my husband's case in such a professional manner that I would love for everybody out there, involved in a personal injury accident , to work with her for the best possible results. She returned our calls promptly, never gave up on our case, and no matter how difficult the circumstances were with the insurance company, she always pressed forward until we got compensated for my husband's injuries in the best way possible
    – Blago O. San Francisco, CA
  • I was riding my bicycle when a car made an illegal turn into me. My bike was wrecked up and I needed surgery and several months of physical therapy. Sally took the case, and I very quickly got paid for loss of use of the bicycle and covering the expenses of travel since I couldn't ride. Throughout the rest of the process Sally and team were very responsive as they dealt with floods of bills, collections agencies, slow health care providers, and stubborn insurance adjusters. In the end Sally even reduced her fee to get me a good settlement. Plus, she's a supporter of the SFBC which as a cyclist makes me happy.

    Overall a very smooth and undemanding experience, I highly recommend Sally if you're in need of a personal injury lawyer
    – Paul H. San Francisco, CA
  • Working with sally was easy and straight forward. from the first conversation i had with her, i knew she would take care of me and handle my case in an ethical and fair manner. i'd be happy to refer her to anybody!
    – Meetgeraldine C.
  • I didn't reach out to Sally until many months after my accident when I decided that dealing with the insurance companies was more than i could do. She was incredibly professional, prompt and easy to work with. I can't recommend her more.
    – Catherine W. San Mateo, CA
  • Sally is easy to get a hold of and always available to give legal advice. I recently reached out to her and she was able to assist me with my questions at the time. I will go to Sally in the future if need be, and will recommend her to anyone and all!
    – Jennine M.
  • Sally represented my personal injury case last year and I'm glad I found her. We met in a personal development class and I never knew at the time that I would need a personal injury attorney. A few months later a car hit me on my bike. I reached out to Sally, unsure of what steps to take. My bike was totaled and my hand and wrist broken. Sally and her entire office were extremely helpful, patient and responsive with my husband and me the entire time. She regularly checked in on me during my recovery and kept me up to date on status of the case and conversations with the other parties insurance company. My case wasn't large but she treated me as if I was one of her only cases. I've already recommended Sally to friends and that's the highest recommendation I could offer.
    – Natalie S. San Francisco, CA
  • Sally is a smart communicative and hard working attorney.
    I highly recommend her and feel she did an excellent job!

    It's not easy finding good legal help, and I felt comfortable and also that Sally really cared about my case.
    – Martha E.
  • I was in a terrible biking accident where I fractured both Clavicles (collarbones) at the same time by being "Doored." Trying to figure out which was the best lawyer seemed such a task while in recovery. My brother had suggested Sally Morin through the SF bicycling coalition. Not knowing and never having to use a lawyer this seemed to be a scary experience, BUT Sally was one for the most diligent, thorough, and friendliest lawyers I've ever had the pleasure to experience. She not only made it easy to correspond, but really broke my impression of what is stereotyped about lawyers. Sally is an Amazing!!!!!!! Honestly I don't know what I would have done with out her help and expertise!!!!!

    Big love Sally!!!!! and Thanks a Million!!!!!!
    – Scott H. San Francisco, CA
  • Some time ago I was run over by a car, on the sidewalk no less by a woman who confused her pedals. I ended up with a torn ACL, fractured knee... I had just found out my wife was pregnant, and we were in the middle of moving out of the city. Needless to say it was a very confusing and stressful time.

    I found Sally Morin on Yelp, gave it a go, and boy did I make the right decision. She was amazing, as was her team. Even though the woman who ran me over had minimal insurance coverage, far too small to cover the entire medical costs, Sally managed to negotiate with my insurance company to get them to reduce their costs by more than 2/3ds. Not only that but she halved her own fee, so that not only were all my costs covered but I was able to get a little extra money.

    If you want a lawyer who will put your own needs above her own financial gain, Sally is that person. Amazing, never thought such lawyers existed, but Sally has proven me wrong. Definitely would recommend her to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.
    – Codin P. Palo Alto, CA
  • A powerhouse of a lawyer! Whip-smart, savvy, and utterly personable, I highly recommend tapping Sally's expertise.
    – M G. San Francisco, CA
  • Sally recently represented me in a personal injury case regarding a horrific accident I almost died in a year prior. She picked up the case after I had been in unsuccessful negotiations with the insurance company for almost a year and a half. She found medical bills that would have otherwise been over looked, and doubled the amount that other lawyers had valued the case at. Despite, being out of the country for the entire duration of the case, and having never met her personally, her legal assistant contacted me weekly, and some times hourly through email to keep me updated.
    Sally has a great staff supporting her. She is very articulate, and assertive.
    – ashley p.
  • Wow, what can I say but quite literally, Sally is the ONLY Personal Injury Lawyer that I trust. As a Chiropractor for 7 years in San Francisco I see many clients who seek care for injuries resulting from auto or bike accidents. My business is all about the client being taken care of and to have them not stress about the legal concerns and intimidations that can occur in the aftermath of such injury is vital to their healing. If Sally takes your case, consider yourself taken care of. She is a dedicated, honest, thorough and genuine individual who puts the needs of the client first and gets the job done.
    – Kara W.
  • Sally is the best! She really is there to help you. I was hit by a car while crossing the street and thought it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer to help me deal with the medical bills and the insurance company. I looked at four of the top rated P.I. Attorneys in the city, and found Sally to be the best. She is caring and compassionate and very dedicated to her work. Sally helped me deal with a complicated case and less than cooperative doctors. She definitely did all she could to help me get the most out a minimum limits insurance policy. Initially my case seemed pretty straight forward. I had the walk light and the woman who hit me admitted fault. It never occurred to me that my medical bills might not get covered. Unfortunately the woman who hit me had a minimum limits policy. I was super stressed, but Sally helped out with everything, including reassuring me that things would work out. In the end she was able to negotiate with all but one of my doctors to get my bills lowered and on top of that she reduced her fee to make sure I had was going to get some money back. Overall she and her staff are pretty amazing.
    – Jen Satzger

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