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  • Never in my life did I expect to need a lawyer but lo and behold I found myself in a situation earlier this year. I contacted Sally for some advice upon a mutual friend's recommendation. She was quick to respond and was more than helpful in guiding me to the right resources and really helped put my mind at ease in an unfamiliar and stressful situation
    – Sarah C. San Francisco, CA
  • My wife was a victim of a pedestrian crosswalk accident. She sustained head injuries and was hospitalized following the accident. We hired Sally to pursue a case against the responsible party who struck her from behind while she had the right of way. We received a low-ball offer which would have barely covered the medical bills, but Sally rejected it and moved ahead with litigation proceedings.

    Minutes before my wife's scheduled deposition, the defendant's insurance company caved and Sally negotiated a more reasonable settlement. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and stood up for my wife against the insurance company. The final settlement was TRIPLE the original offer and we were pleased to finally put this ordeal behind us. My wife and I would highly recommend Sally and her associates to anyone in need of legal representation.

    Sally you are the best!
    Aaron & Amanda
    – Aaron W.
  • A powerhouse of a lawyer! Whip-smart, savvy, and utterly personable, I highly recommend tapping Sally's expertise.
    – M G. San Francisco, CA
  • Sally rocks! Not only did she respond within a few short hours of my inquiry, she was extremely thorough in how she presented her legal advice. She was professional beyond my expectations and yet, she knew her limits. When I asked a question that she thought was beyond her scope, she was humble enough to say so. This is a rare trait, and something that makes me respect her word even more. I will definitely recommend Sally to others searching for honest and professional legal advice.
    – Katie S. San Francisco, CA
  • My husband was in a small car accident. The responsible party had State Farm Insurance. I believed that was a trusted name and I could get a fair settlement.

    Unfortunately State Farm was only offering to pay the medical bills plus a tiny bit more. What I was asking for for a few days lost wages was very fair.

    After months of negotiations I was disappointed and frustrated with State Farm. I asked Sally Morin for help. Later that same week she had got me so much more than I was originally requesting. She is amazing. After paying her fees, we had plenty to cover the bills and the lost wages plus pain and suffering.

    The best part was it was so easy for me. Sally Morin took care of everything. She was honest from the start on what she felt our case was worth. (We got more than that!) Sally kept us informed on what was going on.

    Thank you, Sally, for being awesome!!
    – Julie J. Berkeley, CA
  • I would recommend this attorney to anybody. She does treat the clients with compassion and dignity! It is surprisingly rare this days!
    Thank you Sally!
    – Valentin I.
  • A few years ago (2010) my boyfriend was hit by a car that sent him flying in the air and the gentleman's car's side window broken. My boyfriend was still clocked in on the job. He was taking a 10-15 minute break. His initial reaction was that he was fine and he didn't need help, probably from the initial adrenaline and shock. After coercing him, he finally gave in and decided to go to the hospital, which the doctor told him he only had a minor chipped hip. After a few days my boyfriend was experiencing pain. I suggested he consult an attorney. My boyfriend is a very stubborn, hard-headed, impatient, lazy and sometimes very arrogant type of individual. His way or the highway; or just feed him with a golden spoon. So, I took it upon myself to find an attorney. I didn't know what type of attorney because there were so many out there. All I knew was that we needed a Personal Injuries attorney for sure and a "maybe" for a Workers Compensation attorney and of course it had to be contingent. After days of excruciating research, I finally found Sally Morin, who by the way just settled the case for us. Its been about 4 years, but its not about the time, it's about my boyfriends health and Sally's dedication to him as an individual. Everything from the beginning is what you would expect from a "PRO". Believe me I know. I feel Yelp is so cliche and I don't write many reviews like this (only for food) however, I've dealt with a lot of attorneys in my lifetime and a lot of them are only about the $$$ and a lot of them are jacka$$'s. Most of them don't even stay updated on different laws and penal codes let alone realignments and only rely on their assistants that just probably graduated to do all the legwork (i.e. research). I myself hired an attorney recently and had to coach my attorney and his assistant on how to do their job by doing my own research in a law library. I had to let them in on different things that have or have not been passed, whats legal, whats not etc. That's besides the point. Not very many attorneys are as competent as you would like for them to be no matter how expensive they are or how intelligent they may seem at first glance. When I do my research on an attorney, I now always look for their degree and what college they came from, how many years of experience they have in the case/WAR at hand, I also research the other parties attorney if I have that information so I can see what we're up against, what county they're in and if it coincides with the county the case is in (this is very important because the county your attorney works in dictates a lot to their experience in my opinion), price, attitude, reliability, voice mail/email vs. actual conversations ratio, sometimes even gender. is also a VERY VERY reliable site, in which Sally has a score of 8.1 currently. Thats very high! Anyway, Sally is not one of those people you would consider a prick. It seems to us that she really cares for her clients. Sally and her assistants have been exceptionally helpful in resolving my boyfriends case. She's done so much, went so far above and beyond I'm going to refer my uncle to her next. (HOPE YOU SEE THIS SALLY! MY UNCLE'S IN VIETNAM RIGHT NOW, BUT AS SOON AS HE COMES BACK HE'S COMING TO YOU!) Sally and her team knows so much about the ins and outs of personal injury and if they don't know it, they will tell you then go and find the answer and "CALL YOU BACK". That shows Honesty and Integrity to me. Not a bunch of made up BS. Sally and her team work very hard. When you need to talk there is always someone to lend an ear in her office. Shes always on-time with her appointments, voice-mails always get returned calls, emails always have a response, I mean in every way Sally is the definition of a "PROFESSIONAL" in her field. She even remembers birthdays and holidays. We needed a Workers Compensation attorney and Sally even helped with that. Even though that attorney didn't work out for us, Sally was understanding and made us feel like that was a mistake that probably shouldn't have even happened. She also referred other Workers Compensation attorneys, but my boyfriend at this point just felt like Sally could do it all. Forget the rest. Literally!!! Sally's a human not a robot. We don't expect every attorney to meet Sally's style anymore. That's probably because for this type of case, we will probably never go anywhere else anymore. In the end, because of Sally and her team taking such wonderful care of my boyfriend, we found out my boyfriend has a Torn Librium, had to go through surgery, a bunch of physical therapy, ran through three/3 different attorneys blah blah blah... Overall everything was taken care of. Everything is now settled and Sally did an impeccable job, Her and her office is outstanding, 5 stars, Standing Ovation, A++plusplus, Awesome, Amazing, and everything else that makes a perfect attorney. No flaws and all. =) Thanks So much.
    – Priscilla B. San Francisco, CA
  • I was hit by a van while riding my bike on a charity ride. It was a terrible crash and could have easily been fatal but I was lucky to only suffer a broken ankle. This was a bad injury which required surgery and four screws. There was no question the other party was at fault. I had witnesses, pictures and a highway patrol report all in my favor. After speaking with a couple of other attorneys on the phone and meeting one in person, I realized it was difficult to find a good lawyer. My brother found Sally on Yelp and after talking with her on the phone I was confident she could handle my case and get the best settlement possible. Sally took care of everything. She settled all my bills, negotiated with the medical insurance, got the limits from the other party’s insurance for liability and property and also got the limit from my own uninsured auto coverage. I was not even aware my auto insurance covered me on my bike. On top of all this she discounted her own fees. In the end I got the most I could have hoped for given the insurance limits and my expenses were significantly reduced I highly recommend Sally.
    – Bill Brier
  • Sally Morin is the most professional personal injury Attorney we have ever worked with. We searched for a very long time. She was very on top of the case the entire time. Quick to respond to questions and very knowledgeable. We never had to travel to meet her. She responded to all telephone calls and settled the case in a very timely manner. We would use her again in a heart beat!
    – Reviewer Narz
  • During the first phone conversation I had with Sally I knew right away that I could trust her. For me this was incredibly important because it was her honesty that won me over and safely allowed me to accept her as my representative partner. I use the word "partner" because Sally created an environment where we worked together, toward a common goal, and I knew I could count on her. She of course led the way, and I always felt like we made progress together. It was such a nice change from a previous experience in another, somewhat similar situation. What facilitated this the best was the way she communicated. I always knew what was happening, and I always had a voice and a choice.

    I highly recommend Sally Morin as a personal injury attorney. She demonstrated true professionalism by promptly working on my case, caring about my situation, and communicating with me on a regular basis. Through her hard work the case was resolved in my favor. If I ever get into a similar situation again, without hesitation, I know exactly who to call.
    – John W.
  • I found myself needing an attorney and quickly for what was certain to be a bit of a complicated case. Sally was not only incredibly responsive and resourceful she and her network of professionals were so supportive and skillful it made a very difficult situation bearable and much easier to navigate. Sally is an adept and gifted attorney and I would recommend her in a heartbeat-she is definitely someone to have on your team!
    – Meg Walker
  • Sally helped my wife and me out with a car accident case several years ago. She helped us get a six figure settlement from the insurance company and was extremely professional and also friendly and easy to work with. In fact, we were so pleased with her and her extremely efficient and reliabe assistant Annie, that we are now using Sally and Annie again for another personal injury case.
    – David K.
  • Choosing an attorney is never easy. I knew that I needed help as the other insurance company was pushing us around. I contacted Sally Morin on the advice of a friend who had many wonderful things to say about her.

    Sally Morin settled our case for far more than we had ever expected! She was awesome. Most importantly she did not burden us. She asked the initial questions then got back to us with their offer. It was so easy.

    Sally Morin did not nickle and dime us. Her share was less than we had expected. I like how easy she is to work with. There were no surprises.
    – Julie Z.
  • It all started the night I was struck by a car while riding my motorcycle in San Francisco. I was sent to the hospital with a broken humorous and various other bumps and bruises. A couple of days after the accident I spoke with a couple of attorney friends of mine and they recommended that I call Sally.
    Sally was easily reachable, very forthcoming about her experience with cases like mine, and very flexible with her schedule. She made a house call to get the case started and explained the contract point-by-point before we moved forward.
    Over the course of the next few months Sally kept me updated on her progress and made sure my expectations were in line with the many possible outcomes. She worked hard to build the best case for me and in the end the outcome was exactly what we expected.
    I always felt at the top of her list regardless of how many clients she had and was very responsive to all of my calls and emails. I would recommend Sally to anyone who needs an advocate in their corner, regardless of their own experience with serious events like this.
    – Tom O. San Francisco, CA
  • Sally Morin is an incredibly effective personal injury attorney, but just as important, she's personable and caring. I was hit by a car as I was walking in a crosswalk, had the ambulance ride to the hospital, etc. and was really lucky to get out of there with "just" a blown-out knee. Reconstructive knee surgery and 3 months of intensive physical therapy in addition to the ambulance and ER added up to a whopping bill.

    I knew I needed a lawyer but didn't know where to turn - except to Yelp - and this is where I found Sally. She totally lived up to her perfect 5 stars. I couldn't face hobbling downtown on crutches so she met with me near my home after business hours, explained the whole process in detail and answered all my questions.

    The really great stroke of luck in all this was that the guy who hit me had a huge liability policy. Sally said matter-of-factly that she would immediately get the ENTIRE AMOUNT signed over from the insurance company, and go from there to negotiate reduced charges for my medical bills. Which is exactly what happened. I wound up getting a big chunk of change that lessened the pain of knowing that my knee will never be the same. Thanks, Sally.
    – Beverly W., San Francisco, CA
  • I can't recommend Sally's services enough. I was in a tough spot - it's never fun to be involved in a legal dispute, but if you have to be, you definitely want Sally on your side. She made my life so easy, after months and months of torture...she was on the ball, every minute, quick to respond, smart, tough and she helped me feel like I had someone on my side. Thank you Sally and Yishra! You guys are the best!
    – Miwa T.
  • My dog and I were recently attacked by a dog at the park. I wanted to talk to an attorney who would be honest about my prospects and not waste my time. Sally Morin is a straight-shooter. She got right to the point and had my best interest in mind the whole time. I would never wish the situation on anyone, but if it happens, you want Sally in your corner!
    – Mary LaMar
  • There is no way I would have been as successful as I have been with my claim without Sally's help. It was worth the wait. Thanks Sally. Glad I had you on my side.
    – Isaias Camacho
  • Sally provided me exceptional assistance with several legal questions that I posed to her. Her compassion and attention to my specific situation was a breath of fresh air. I would definitely contact Sally for any future Legal needs I may have.
    – David G.
  • Sally did an amazing job settling my personal injury automobile accident case. I was stopped on the freeway and rear-ended by a texting man in a big truck (don't text and drive). My car was totaled and I suffered whiplash and two herniated discs in my spine.

    The driver of the other vehicle had the minimum insurance allowed in California, which did not even begin to cover my hospital and doctor's bills. Sally was able to negotiate my medical bills to a fraction (10%) of the original bills. As a result, I also received a fair amount of money for pain and suffering and lost wages and other out of pocket expenses.

    Sally was always very kind, responsive and helpful. Aside from the wonderful and unexpected settlement, the best part was that instead of dealing with the slimy insurance settlement case worker (who wanted to show up at my work to verify my injury), I dealt with Sally and her knowledgeable and kind staff. It gave me peace of mind to be able to deal with someone with so much integrity who had my interests in mind.
    – Lyssa G.

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