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You need someone who understands what it's like to have suffered a pedestrian accident, as overwhelming as this can be. Getting back on your feet should be your top priority. And you deserve an attorney who is focused on helping you recover your health and self-reliance as quickly as possible. You deserve to walk freely and without worries as you navigate the Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Claim Process.​

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Learn How to Get a Full, Fast and Fair Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Settlement

Whether your pedestrian accident was today or not, this  checklist will help build your case. Keep a copy in your glovebox and share it with those you love.

Learn how to make a pedestrian accident claim & whether working with an attorney is right for you. This A-Z guide covers everything in a simple Q&A format.

If you've been injured in a serious pedestrian traffic accident, knowledge is power. Learn your rights and what to avoid that could sabotage your personal injury claim.

If You've Been Injured in a San Francisco Pedestrian Accident...

You are Not Alone

16 people were killed in pedestrian accidents involving automobiles in San Francisco in 2016. Another 800 were injured in crashes—many of them enduring long recoveries and suffering long-lasting consequences. That’s simply not fair.

A pedestrian has no protection against a two ton vehicle.

And—much to our frustration—all of the safety improvements the city has made to decrease the number of pedestrian accidents in San Francisco haven’t really demonstrated any concrete results.

The Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular, is a very pedestrian accessible area. Although this is convenient, and a major reason many of us choose live here; there are a high number of pedestrian accidents each year.

Not surprisingly, pedestrian accidents in San Francisco occur mostly downtown, particularly in the Mission District, Tenderloin and streets south of Market Street and most frequently during rush hours.

Along with the benefits of walking, including decreased transportation expenses, increased physical activity and supporting the environment, come the risks of being involved in a pedestrian accident.

There are many reasons why pedestrian accidents occur in San Francisco, including texting and cell phone use, not to mention the high density factor of the City. But pedestrian accidents are much more serious than other traffic accidents, because the human body simply cannot withstand the impact of a motor vehicle the same way another vehicle can.

A motorist looking left and turning right is one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in San Francisco. As you know, in California all a motorist needs to do is stop quickly and then turn right on red. However, drivers often forget to look to their right before turning.

Knowledge is Power

What to Do if You are in a Pedestrian Accident in San Francisco

You should treat a pedestrian accident the same way you would a motor vehicle accident.

First, get immediate medical attention to anyone who is hurt and call the police.

A police report should be completed to record details of the pedestrian accident. At a minimum, you should get the insurance, driver’s license and vehicle information from any drivers involved in the accident.

It is VERY important to get the contact information of any witnesses to the accident! This is because many motorists will claim that they didn’t see the pedestrian prior to the accident. If other pedestrians were in a crosswalk, for example, they might be able to remember if the traffic lights indicated it was safe to cross at the time you crossed the street or if the car that hit you stopped for a red traffic light.

If you are physically able, you should take photos of the accident scene (cell phones are good for this purpose), and later, of your injuries.

Once you have gotten the emergency medical care you need, you should consider reaching out to a San Francisco personal injury lawyer who has a track record of getting great results in pedestrian accident cases.

Sometimes Saying Less is More

What Not to Do if You are in a Pedestrian Accident in San Francisco

Although you should immediately report the accident to the police and cooperate with them, do not make statements to any private investigators or insurance personnel concerning the accident prior to contacting a San Francisco Pedestrian accident attorney.

Also, NEVER give your social security number to any insurance adjuster. They are NOT entitled to this information and will use it against you.

Many times pedestrians who are injured believe they can deal with the negligent party’s insurance agency themselves. The insurance company will initially seem caring and helpful desiring only to pay you a fair amount as quickly as possible.

However, they will take a recorded statement and have you examined by their own doctor, then use this information to significantly reduce the amount that you would have received if you had representation.

A successful San Francisco pedestrian accident lawyer can stop insurance company efforts to minimize your claim, and help you recover damages necessary to help with the financial needs created by the accident. This can include things such as medical costs, lost wages and,  pain and suffering.

Meet Sally Morin Law, the Pedestrian Accident Specialists

Choose Your Pedestrian Accident Attorney Wisely

You may already have a preconceived idea of how a personal injury attorney works forged by the seemingly endless aggressive and ego-centered ads on TV.

If you think they're all ambulance chasers, we can't blame you. And print ads plastered on the side of BART trains and buses just reinforces the greedy and tacky personal injury attorney stereotype.

But  just one conversation with Sally, or any member of her team of legal and investigative experts, and you will dump your preconceptions.

Instead, you will discover a team of empathetic, caring, professionals who want to relieve your stress, not add to it.

While Sally can be tenacious in her representation of your interests, it is done without drama and is fact-driven; a strategy that shortstops insurance stall tactics and hastens a resolution.

If you appreciate straight talk, in English or Spanish, not legalese, you’ll be delighted with your relationship with Sally Morin Law.

We do not exaggerate the potential value of your pedestrian accident claim simply to get your business. And we will provide you with an educated opinion of what you can expect based on cases with similar circumstances and current trends.

Most importantly, we make certain that you completely understand your agreement with us, and what you can expect before we ask you to work with us.

Once you have selected us to handle your pedestrian accident case, you do not turn into just a case number. You get our focused effort to resolve your case. And we're there every step of the way to assist you with dealing with stresses brought on by the pedestrian accident.

Get Just the Help You Need

Sally Morin Law has San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Expertise

If you or a loved one has been injured, we encourage you to contact San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney, Sally Morin, to protect your rights and help guide you through what may be a life changing event.

Sally Morin Law focuses exclusively on Bay Area pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle and automobile accidents.

Limiting their practice exclusively to traffic accidents allows the team to pursue a fast paced, no drama approach. And this results in quick and solid case resolution.

Our ultimate goal is to get our client “back in the game” as quickly and stress-free as possible.

The San Francisco pedestrian accident attorneys at Sally Morin Law are committed to helping this environmentally conscious segment of the population when they are injured by motorists. Pedestrians, who are so important to our community, deserve to walk the streets of our cities without fear of injury.

We differ from many other San Francisco pedestrian attorney firms in that:

  • We don’t take every case presented. We look for clients that have been seriously hurt and whose lives are significantly inconvenienced or disrupted by the accident. We have no interest in “nuisance cases” that are motivated by simple financial gain or getting even.
  • We promptly return all email and phone messages.
  • We don’t make significant decisions about your case without collaborating with you first. We don’t force settlements on you or require you to take the case to trial. It’s your lawsuit, and you are in charge. We are simply here to advise you and be your partner in doing what is best for you.
  • When negotiations are deadlocked, and if you agree, we will litigate the case in court. That’s something that most personal injury attorneys try to avoid as it takes a certain skill set. Sally has litigated numerous pedestrian accident cases and has been a trial attorney since 1997.
  • We will help negotiate to reduce your outstanding medical expenses. This work puts more money in your pocket after all is said and done.

The best way to understand the Sally Morin Law’s process is to review what our past clients have to say about their experience. If you are looking for a talented, professional team with a proven record of success in pedestrian accident cases and you value a low stress, no hype experience… you need to submit your case for a free, no obligation review now.

You need a personal injury attorney who KNOWS pedestrian accident cases!


A 25 year-old art student was hit by a Yellow Cab when she was walking within a crosswalk in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

She was thrown onto the cab’s hood, and then plummeted to the ground.

The cab driver kept driving until passengers in the cab advised him to stop. As a result of the auto vs. pedestrian accident, she incurred a pelvis fracture.

Initially, the offered settlement was only $65,000.

Knowing the offer was ridiculous and nowhere near the reasonable value of the case, Morin filed the lawsuit and proceeded through litigation to press for a fair settlement. She took the case to mediation where she obtained a settlement of $937,500 for her young pedestrian client.



A 47 year-old editor for was hit by a car while walking within the confines of a marked crosswalk in San Francisco. As he crossed the street, a car stopped at the stop sign, but then accelerated into him.

Apparently, the driver (insured with State Farm Insurance) did not see him. As a result, he suffered a fractured scapula, which was repaired with a surgery at Kaiser San Francisco. He also underwent three months of physical therapy after the surgery.

Luckily, he found ​personal injury attorney Sally Morin and was able to recover his medical expenses and small loss of earnings (he missed only 2 weeks of work, as he was eager to continue with his important work projects).

He opted to settle just one month after making his settlement demand for the fair amount of $155,000.

Our goal is to help those pedestrian accident victims who really need it. We serve people with serious pedestrian accident injuries who are looking for an attorney to take care of THEM. That's what we focus on: helping our clients reduce stress, maintain their positive outlook on life and get back to their lives, work and families as quickly as possible. And we've made it easier than ever to start working with us...just check out the video below.


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