I suffered a serious personal injury in San Francisco, but I live far away, can you still help me?

Here at Sally Morin Professional Corporation, we pride ourselves on efficient, effective and personalized representation of long-distance clients who have suffered serious injuries in the San Francisco Bay Area, but live elsewhere in the United States and even out of the Country.

We often have people contact us online, by email or phone saying they were seriously injured while visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, either on vacation or on business. They tell us they consulted with an attorney in their home state, but were advised that they need a licensed California personal injury lawyer to assist them with their bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian or auto accident case.

That is where Sally Morin Law – Top-Rate San Francisco Personal Injury Attorneys comes in. It is common for our clients to live and operate in different time-zones. Our clients hire us and work with us via phone, email and various online tools. Being face-to-face for meetings is not something these clients require or even want. They happily communicate with us through these various technological channels and receive great results in their cases!

If you or someone you know has had a serious accident in the Bay Area, but does not live here, it is in your (or their) best interest to hire a local Bay Area personal injury attorney because:

(1) The local attorney knows the area and can go to the accident scene to investigate, or at least have a familiarity with the area/intersection where the accident happened.

(2) The local attorney knows the rules of the local courts in the state/county that the accident occurred.

(3) The local attorney is bar certified in the state in which the accident occurred.

(4) The local attorney may have handled cases involving similar facts, areas, parties, etc. that will provide a “leg up” in your case.

At Sally Morin Professional Corporation, we have years of experience* managing our cases in a paperless, cloud-based system. This allows our long-distance clients who were injured in the Bay Area to remain in their home area while we diligently work on their case. The long-distance clients typically do not have to come back to the Bay Area for case-related issues, unless the case goes to trial (which only about 2-3% of cases do). Because we offer our clients a paperless interaction, we can seamlessly communicate with our clients via email, phone, online tools and other electronic communication to update them on their case, and ask/answer any questions.

We have handled many cases for people who live long-distance. These clients were seriously injured while they were in the Bay Area and they sought out an experienced local attorney. This is to everyone’s advantage because our clients get the best representation possible, and they don’t have to set foot in a law office (in almost all cases) for the entire duration of their case! It is satisfying to know that travelers and tourists who were injured in the Bay Area can rely on local Bay Area attorneys (we have offices in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) to represent them in their injury claims without having to worry about costly travel, hours of their time to travel and the pain and inconvenience of having to see their attorney in-person.

*Sally is one personal injury attorney who has always been ahead of the curve with technology in her law practice. Sally Morin Law has been a paperless, cloud-based law firm since its inception. Most law firms are just now making this transition. Our systems have been in effect for years and with these systems we can produce solid results for our clients, even if they never come into our office.