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$100k Settlement for Redwood City Car Accident with Disputed Liability

Redwood City Car Accident

$100k Settlement for Redwood City Car Accident with Disputed LiabilityDespite Disputed Liability, Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers Obtained a $100,000 Settlement for a Redwood City Car Accident ClientA 27-year-old site director at a major fitness facility suffered serious injuries in a Redwood City car accident when another driver ran a red light. As this young […]

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San Jose’s Ambitious Bike Plan

San Jose isn’t the first city to create an ambitious bike plan to increase the number of two-wheel pedal-powered commuters on our urban streets but their proposed plan is every bit as ingenious and far-sighted as any in California. For decades California’s major cities have built infrastructures that were designed to improve automobile traffic flow. […]

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San Jose Sinks Money into Pedestrian Safety

5-Star California Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

Cars Rule the Roads For decades Californian cities have labored under a car-centric mentality that’s led to the construction of massive multi-lane streets crisscrossing through residential and commercial neighborhoods. These types of roadways were designed to accommodate the increasing numbers of automobiles on our streets and make the daily commute less stressful for those of […]

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