Does Adaptive Cruise Control Cause Drivers to Speed?

cruise control speeding

Cruise control has been around for decades, and now there’s an even newer and techier version: adaptive cruise control (ACC). It uses technology like lasers, radar, and built-in cameras to help drivers maintain the right speed. As ACC has gained popularity, it’s become obvious that many drivers aren’t quite using it as the car manufacturers […]

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Top 5 Causes of LA Traffic Accident Deaths


Imagine having a whole year with zero traffic deaths in the entire city of Los Angeles. Sounds wonderful, right? That’s the ambitious goal of the city’s Vision Zero project, which aims to reduce traffic fatalities to zero by 2025. Currently, LA has about 200 road deaths per year, so reaching a level of zero will […]

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Does Car Size Matter in an Accident?

does car size matter in a car accident

Small cars are now safer than they’ve ever been, with advances like stronger frames and collision-avoiding technology. But are they as safe as big trucks and SUVs in California road accidents? The conventional wisdom has always been that a larger and heavier vehicle is much safer than a smaller one. Spoiler alert: It’s still true. […]

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Serious California Traffic Accidents May Result in Amputations


Road accidents are the #1 cause of accidental traumatic amputations, with at least 30,000 of these injuries in the U.S. each year. Not all of them come from car accidents – many come from motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents that involve powerful physical forces. Vehicle accidents are also the top cause of medically-necessary partial amputations, […]

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