Two-Car Collision in San Jose Results in Injuries and Death

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Two-Car Collision in San Jose Results in Injuries and Death

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Two-Car Collision in San Jose Results in Injuries and Death

Tragedy struck on Sunday afternoon in San Jose when a two-car collision occurred, leaving one person dead and three others injured, including a child. San Jose police confirmed that the person passed away on the scene. The accident occurred shortly after 1:30 p.m. at the Leigh and Fruitdale Avenues intersection, which is home to a school. Local residents expressed their concerns as this was not the first deadly accident to happen here. Those living near the intersection have reported constant incidents of speeding and running of the traffic lights, which poses a threat to pedestrians, especially in a neighborhood where many residents walk along the streets. As residents try to cope with yet another tragedy happening at the intersection, they hope that authorities will take the necessary measures to prevent future accidents.

“This is an elementary school, so we need something to happen over here,” Shirley said, as she watched the chaos unfold in front of her. Unfortunately, that something was a devastating car crash that claimed the life of one person and left others fighting for their lives. Ladisloa, a nearby resident, heard the impact and ran over to help. The sight that he, and countless others, arrived to was unimaginable—a car on fire and people in desperate need of assistance. This tragedy highlights the urgent need for safer streets and slower driving in our communities. San Jose saw a record-high number of traffic deaths last year, a statistic that cannot be ignored. We owe it to our neighbors to prioritize road safety projects and funding to prevent future tragedies like this one.

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