Car Accident on San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Thanksgiving Results in Injuries

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Car Accident on San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Thanksgiving Results in Injuries

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Thanksgiving afternoon on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was disrupted by a seven-car accident in the Yerba Buena Tunnel, although when the Lamadrid family could tell something was wrong before they even reached the scene. Fire trucks had been speeding past them, and Karen Lamadrid later said it was “crazy looking” to see one car perched on top of another. She wanted to know how that had happened, but all drivers involved were taken to hospital and traffic was brought to a halt while emergency crews worked to get the roadway cleared. 

The Lamadrid family feared for their lives when they were involved in a seven car pileup on their way to the Marin Headlands. Karen reported that she had been praying and texting people, believing that there was no way out of the crash. Miraculously, there were only two minor injuries among the sixteen occupants, eight adults and eight children. When they did make it to the tunnel, they were astonished at the level of destruction – three to four cars piled up together amidst a chaos of front and back end damages. 

Emergency crews are being praised after a major accident occurred on the Antioch Bridge earlier this week, leading to delays and frustration among many. According to CHP, the cause of the accident is still under investigation, but have confirmed that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved. Many commuters had to turn around or take alternate bridges, with some taking upwards of two-and-a-half hours to reach their destination. People from outside the area particularly noted how respectful and organized the local emergency responders were in getting traffic moving again. Karen Lamadrid said that what happened was an example of how Californians can come together in an urgent situation with courtesy and grace.

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