Seven Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash in South Los Angeles 

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A White BMV Strikes Multiple Vehicles Causing One of Them to Flip Into a Front Yard Resulting in Multiples Injuries

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Seven Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash in South Los Angeles 

Video footage has captured a terrifying moment in Baldwin Hills as a white BMW sped through a stop sign, causing a multi-vehicle accident and sending seven people to the hospital. The incident that occurred on Potomac Avenue near Obama Boulevard, took place during rush hour at 4 p.m. When the LAPD attempted to pull over the BMW for its reckless driving, the driver did not yield. Although officers did not pursue the vehicle, the situation escalated as they later discovered the traffic collision while canvassing the area. The incident has prompted a manhunt by the police for the three individuals involved in the incident.

The accident was reportedly captured by a Tesla’s dash camera. The footage showed the BMW driver speeding through a stop sign and colliding with another car so forcefully that the victim’s flipped over and nearly crashed into a nearby home. Medical personnel responded quickly, taking the seven victims to the hospital. Although the situation was dire, the victims’ injuries were not life-threatening, much to the relief of their families and friends. Meanwhile, the driver of the BMW was caught and arrested, but his passengers tried to flee the scene. One of them was swiftly found and taken into custody, but a third suspect was on the run and considered to be dangerous. Thankfully, he was eventually found and arrested, after being tracked down by police K-9 units.

Four of the heavily damaged vehicles, one of which was overturned in the front yard, were captured by Sky5’s aerial footage. The aftermath of the collision left a trail of chaos and upon further investigation police uncovered firearms and potential robbery materials that were discovered in the BMW. Sgt. McCann noted that the suspects were not originally suspected to be armed and dangerous, but the discovery of guns and evidence of a possible robbery certainly changed that assumption. All three men involved are now facing serious charges, including felony hit-and-run. The incident serves as a reminder that danger can sometimes lurk in unexpected places and that the consequences of even the smallest decisions can have serious and far-reaching impacts.


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