Pedestrian Hit By A Honda Coupe in San Jose Resulting In Death

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Pedestrian Hit By A Honda Coupe in San Jose Resulting In Death

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Pedestrian Hit By A Honda Coupe in San Jose Resulting In Death

Tragedy struck in San Jose early Monday morning when a woman was fatally hit by a car while walking outside of a crosswalk. The accident occurred at the intersection of Tully Road and Lanai Avenue when a man driving a blue Honda coupe collided with the pedestrian who was walking north on Lanai Avenue. Although the driver stayed on the scene and complied with law enforcement, the woman suffered severe injuries and was pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital. This incident marks the 10th pedestrian death this year and the 13th traffic-related fatality in San Jose.

With 32 pedestrian deaths last year alone, it is an unfortunate reminder of how important it is to remain vigilant on our streets. Good news for those living in San Jose, as the number of pedestrian deaths has decreased compared to last year. According to the city’s Department of Transportation, there were 17 reported pedestrian deaths as of May 1, 2022. While any number of fatalities is still too high, the decrease in deaths brings a sense of relief and hope for the future. The department is also preparing to implement several improvements, such as upgraded crosswalks and new traffic signals, that will make crossing the street safer for pedestrians.

With these changes, San Jose is taking an important step towards creating safer, more livable streets for everyone. The Department of Transportation has announced plans to embark on over 200 traffic safety projects in 2023. The news comes after a tragic pedestrian fatality at Tully Road and Lanai Avenue on May 1st. “Our hearts go out to the victim’s family and loved ones,” the department said in a statement to SFGATE. The construction for these road improvements will start in August 2023, with the aim of making streets safer for those who walk, roll, bike, and take public transit. The Department’s commitment to safer roads is admirable, and it is reassuring to know that they are taking concrete steps to address the issue. By investing in traffic safety projects, we can all work towards making our city a safer and friendlier place to be.

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    1. Saving pedestrian and cyclist lives is like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. Each day 19 pedestrians and cyclists will die because a brainwashed driver COULD NOT STOP IN TIME! The equivalent of another mass shooting. Like the mass shootings, we will cry and pray but do nothing about the cause. There are organizations who could do something about it. They are NHTSA, GHSA and TRB. All government agencies who claim to care about these deaths but who refuse to run the BTSCRP study that would show us how to reduce these deaths. If you REALLY do care, petition your state governor to force them to act.