Pedestrian and Uber Passenger Struck by Uber Driver in Livermore Resulting In Injury and Death

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Pedestrian and Uber Passenger Struck by Uber Driver in Livermore Resulting In Injury and Death

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Pedestrian and Uber Passenger Struck by Uber Driver in Livermore Resulting In Injury and Death

Tragedy struck in Livermore on Sunday night when two pedestrians were hit by vehicles on I-580. Sadly, one man lost his life while the other was severely injured. The cause of the accident is still unknown as investigators work to piece together what happened. One thing they do know is that before the collision, the man who died had been a passenger in an Uber. According to CHP Public Information Officer Tyler Hahn, there had been an altercation between the Uber driver and the passenger that caused the driver to feel unsafe and call 911. Whether the altercation was physical or just verbal remains unclear. This heartbreaking incident serves as a somber reminder of the dangers that can occur on our roads.The driver pulled over on the side of the Isabel exit, and the passenger reportedly climbed out of the car, out of a window. What happened next remains unclear, but investigators say that a pedestrian ended up in the same area, and both the passenger and the pedestrian were struck by vehicles.

The passenger did not survive, and the pedestrian suffered major injuries. It’s unclear where the second pedestrian came from, leaving investigators with a big question mark over this heartbreaking incident. While the driver has been cooperative, providing investigators with valuable information, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the incident. Authorities are trying to determine the relationship between the pedestrian and the Uber passenger, and what led to the two being struck. Although the collision itself may seem straightforward, piecing together what occurred has proven challenging for investigators. The Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau has yet to release the name of the deceased. It’s a somber reminder of the dangers on the road, and the importance of being vigilant when behind the wheel. 

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