Three siblings injured in Pedestrian Accident in Antioch.

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Three siblings injured in Pedestrian Accident in Antioch.

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Three siblings injured in Pedestrian Accident in Antioch.

On Friday afternoon, three siblings were hospitalized after being struck by a car while walking home from school in Antioch. The children, two boys and a girl, are all 12 years old. Two of them are Jami Christina Marie Hanlin’s kids and three are Johnny Comforts’ kids, according to a family member. The three were walking on the sidewalk when two vehicles collided at the corner of Manzanita Way and Sycamore Drive. The impact of the collision sent one of the cars, a red Chevrolet Impala, careening into the children on the sidewalk. When the officers arrived, they found that two of the children were critically injured. They needed to be flown to the hospital by helicopter. The third child had less serious injuries but was still in critical condition.

The mother, Jami Christina Marie Hanlin said she is trying to be strong for her kids but feels helpless. Mason, who had less serious injuries, is doing well according to Hanlin but he needs surgery on his face. He also has some abrasions on his face. Mason is dealing with survivors guilt and needs emotional help to heal. Gianathon, the third of four children, was the most seriously injured in the accident. According to his aunt, who is raising him, he briefly opened his eyes on Monday but has not regained consciousness since then. If he survives, Gianathon will be paralyzed from the neck down and will need to use a ventilator for the rest of his life. As of Tuesday, while Mason and Cheyenne had shown some improvements, there was still no change for Gianathon. The family is going through a tough time as they deal with these injuries.



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