Motorcycle Accident Victim Injured After Colliding with Vehicle on the 405 in Culver City

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Motorcycle Accident Victim Injured After Colliding with Vehicle on the 405 in Culver City

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Motorcycle Accident Victim Injured After Colliding with Vehicle on the 405 in Culver City

On Wednesday morning, a man driving a motorcycle was severely injured in a motorcycle accident on the 405 in the Culver City area. According to the Los Angeles FBI, an L.A. FBI agent, who happened to be in the area, stopped when they saw the down motorcycle and rendered potentially life-saving aid to the man who was thrown off of his motorcycle after colliding with a vehicle during traffic. The rider suffered multiple injuries and was having difficulty breathing when our agent took a number of steps to assist him until EMTs arrived, including applying a tourniquet and clearing his airways so he could breathe. Captain Nick Mendes of the Culver City Fire Department (CCFD) said that the motorcyclist may have been travelling at an illegal speed prior to the collision, and remarked on how sorely needed help quickly arrived.

According to CCFD officials, the injured man was taken to UCLA trauma center with some serious injuries, although his current condition is currently unknown. As Mendes remarked, both the speed of response and outreach of assistance was remarkable, noting “It was good to see people trying to help and make things right.”

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